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    I know there have been many threads about who shaves their pubic hair or not.

    my questions is as a guy what are the benefits do you.get from to shaving it all off and are their any disadvantages to this?

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    Yes there are disadvantages,

    Google "Do Not Shave Your Ass Hair" its one of the oldest posts on the internet.

    I personally hang around with people who state that you should shave armpits but do not, i find that sweat builds up far to fast.

    The hairs main point is hygene, it absorbs the sweat and makes sure you dont stink like high heaven, which you do. I trim my hair in all regions expect the arm hair. Investing in a beard trimmer or electirc shaver for this job is worthwhile, some areas like the top of legs etc i do tidy with a full shave but never the region.

    The balls can be shaved tho and penis, girls like that. Looks and feels really good tho, you want a really sharp razor for this. Take care and read some online guides.

    You will find your own style with expermination, however dont go full whack, you will regret it. Remember do not shave your ass hair.

    Nothing wrong with trimming it

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    For me, shaving is about feeling good about how I look, plus sexual enhancement.

    I prefer the look of no hair, it just looks neater than a big mess of bush. Unlike women, men don't tend to have a trianglular shape to their pubes, just a big ball of fuzz.

    Then there's the optical inch, can add an inch or so to the perception of size.

    As for the sex aspect, I far prefer my oh sucking / licking against skin, not against hair, plus when all lubed up, it feels great her rubbing/jerking against skin.

    As for the smell / hygiene aspect, no idea on that to be honest, I've been clean shaved for years (maybe 15) so it's been a long time since I've known anything else.

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    I use to trim balls but now shave balls, pits and ass and trim my chest hair to about 4mm. I prefer the feel, the OH thought thought it odd she I shaved my pits at first but she is OK with it now but she won't let me shave my legs. I hope to talk her round about letting me shave my legs.

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