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  1. Full on Anal Sex

    Thedonn [sign in to see picture]
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    My wife and I have been experimenting with anal play for sometime. We started off with a beaded anal necklace wand and have progressed through different sizes of butt plugs and now regularly use the Pink glass Dildo from the Tracey Cox twin pack.. We now want to attempt full anal and would like some advice on positions and the best way of controlling the depth of penetration. When having anal play we always use the Lovehoney anal lube. The thought of anal sex turns us both on just not sure how to get started

    Michael777 [sign in to see picture]
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    I can only offer advice as a male receiving anal sex. Ideally I'd love to be flat on my back missionary style to have anal but this never seems to quite work.
    So my favourite option is usually sat on the edge of a bed or something similar but ideally where I can get my feet on a wall to give me something to push against. This still allows for the person giving to get up close and reasonably personal. Other options are laid on tummy which allows for deep hard penetration. Or laid on side with the giver behind. Or there's good old doggy but I personally find that way quite impersonal unless you just want it deep and fast.

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    Controlling depth of penetration is usually best done with the receiver on top and lowering her/himself onto the penis/strap on, in my experience. Or, lying on your side in the spoons position.

    Doggy can end up being a little vigorous but you’ll probably want to move onto that quite quickly and then perhaps try on your back with legs pulled up for deep penetration, if the desire takes you and the body permits.

    Warming up the area of interest with lube and a toy is also a good idea.

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    Spoons is a good start or her on top, prone for her is very relaxing face down just go slowly.

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    Alicia4Ever wrote:

    Take a look at this thread.

    Thedonn started this thread, and you replied to it! Haha :) But your reply on there does seem very comprehensive. @Thedonn - I think you've already done the right thing by exploring that area and learning about it. I think now it's just a matter of going for it. You'll both know your own bodies and what works or not. Take it slow and have fun!
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    this is something that myself and my husband have just started to explore, i personally found face down a bit painful and that put us off for a while but i perservered and we enjoy the spoons. Have tried bending over the bed and found this quite comfortable. The key is take it slowly and use plenty of lube :)

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    Plenty of lubricant and using a douche beforehand will be the best precaution, make sure you have a safety word and take it extremely slowly to get the right depth and speed. Doggystyle has always been a firm
    Favourite as it allows the receiver to move away quickly and the giver the ability to control depth, so may be the best starting point. Flat iron which is the receiver laying flat feels amazing but can be a little too much for first timers


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    Enema lots of lube and enjoy yourself. Don't forget a safe word --- very important.

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