1. Anyone tried being a “hotwife”

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    SophieH88 wrote:


    It was lovely, really. Some weird moments but overall we both really loved it.

    It started out with me telling hubs that I was going to meet a friend for lunch and then Christmas shopping, he said he would pick me up from town which was perfect. My 'lover' lives in town.

    I went to the lover's appartment as planned and the deed was done, twice. And it was absolutely greeaaaatttttt. Totally uninhibited sex for its own sake. There were some 'gulp' moments, like when I was on all fours and looked at my hand to see my engagement and wedding ring, but they soon passed.

    Then when Andy met me later I gave him a lovely big hug and snog which obviously came as a massive surprise. I let him believe I was a bit tipsy and we went for a drink before going home. Sitting on bar stools in The Botanist (in Leeds) I gave the game away, he wanted a little cheeky kiss and I felt him try to seek out a little grope - of course I wasn't going to stop him and as soon as he felt it his eyes widened and he asked 'really?'. I did the bottom lip bite thing and said 'i've been very very naughty'.

    We didn't finish our drinks, the trip home seemed to take for ever and when we got in he put me back in the same position on our kitchen stools. The poor guy was about to explode and when I got his cock out it took literally 2 strokes for him to cum all over what he had just been feeling.

    I felt very wicked and made him do it. 

    We've been enjoying it all weekend although the questions are becoming a bit more practical than sexy. Andy seems much more interested in whether my lover enjoyed my tits than anything else!

    I honestly don't know if we will do it agian. It has been ages since I have had sex with two guys on the same day and whilst it was very horny it just isn't something I want to do regularly any more.

    But glad we have done it.

    First of all, I am very pleased you enjoyed it.

    I suspect that having had a taste you may find that Andy may now want more and from your post he may even want the full cuckold experience. Just remember that you are in charge. Do not let him push you further than you are comfortable with. Still should you want more, I think it would make him very happy


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    Thanks. It was very sexy, I have to admit.

    I was a bit skeptical that he would actually enjoy it when it came to the reality, sometimes fantasies can disapoint.

    I was also surprised how much I really enjoyed 'forgiven' extra marital sex. It wasn't like cheating or an affair at all. It was more like a lovely spa afternoon, just a lovely treat for me, but one which we both enjoyed. I don't think that we are the kind of couple who could have an open relationship and even after that I still wouldn't want one but I can see now why people who say extra marital sex enhances your home life are right.

    I thought it would be strange watching Andy go down on me when he knew I was full of someone else's cum but it is one of the sexiest things I have seen, I have never done that before to someone and I can totally see the attraction now. It just feels amazing.

    The best bit though was Andy 'reclaiming' me. I could really feel him wanting to take me back.

    I honestly have not got one negative thing to say about it.

    But I still don't know if we will do it again.

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