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  1. Taking toys in holiday.

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    Hi this is my very first post, so please be gentle with me!!!
    I just wanted to ask if people take their toys on holiday, more specifically through airport security. We are taking checked luggage and hand luggage, so we were kind of thinking that take the batteries out, and hopefully they will be ok in our hold baggage, but wanted to ask if other people do this, or not risk it and leave them at home.
    We don't plan on taking many, but just a few favourites would be great.
    Any advice!!!????

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    It depends what country you're going to and if you have any stops. If sex toys are illegal in that country then obviously don't take them. Otherwise they should be fine with the batteries removed/run down. I'd just place them in a clear bag and write sex toys on the front so if the bag is checked it's easy for the staff to identify the items without needing to touch them.

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