1. How to have better orgasms

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    I used to have amazing penetrative orgasms without any clitoral stimulation. But since I have been involving clitoral stimulation at the same time my penetrative orgasms are no way near as powerful as they used to be. I am wanting to explore g-spot/squirting but I don't want to put pressure on myself and my husband or I know it will be less likely to happen. At the moment when I massage where I think my g-spot is, I orgasm very quickly but it is over very fast (my orgasm lasts 5-6 seconds at the most and twitches once or twice) but I have to stop straight away just because my mind is saying stop. Do you think me stopping has anything to do with why I am not having better orgasms? What will happen if I carry on past that point?

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    My OH is completely opposite. She has way bigger orgasms when she stimulates herself at the same time. We don't have loads of sex but when we do now I like her on top cowgirl style riding me sat upright and playing with herself. That way she has the best and loudest orgasms she ever had. It normally turns me on so much too I usually cum at the same time!

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    Maybe the problem is that you do go quickly. Try to resist the urge to cross the finish line so soon. Stop start slow down alot more. Build it up. Keep getting yourself to the point where a few more strokes or rubs will make you climax and then slow right down or stop and start again maybe 15 seconds maybe a minute later. Try to either keep yourself at the point for ages (can be tough to not go all the way) or just really enjoyable. Will make it alot better and worth it.
    One other thing is relax and it helps to occasionally squeeze or push. Remember to use the right muscles. Pushing can often encourage squirting when close or increase volume

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    You could try wandering around the house with a kegel toner in for half hour before you have sex. Really wakes up your muscles and feels like you've had hours of great foreplay when he enters you! Orgasms are so much easier and stronger.

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    You are all amazing!!! Thank you so much!! This definitely helps.

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    My wife when we first met many years ago used to have orgasms via penetrative sex, but very rarely now. She's all about clitoral stimulation. So I use my tongue and two/three fingers to stimulate the G-Spot. Because I'm in control and she has learnt to "let go" I keep stimulating during her orgasm and it lasts for a signifivant period. During this she gets an urge to pee. She used to hold back but now allows herself to let go which causes her to squirt. It's not every time but fairly frequently. I will say be prepared neither of us are into watersports and on occasion she has actually pee'd. Now we make no drama of it and it's an allowed thing because we don't want to stop her squirting. It's just a very rare side effect.

    So push through it and let go.

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