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  1. Had too much sex, still need more - tips for an easygoing night?

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    My sex drive has gone from 0-100 overnight and it's been a long time since we had sex since I lost my drive after my babies were born. I literally can't get enough - thinking about it literally all day, going to bed as early as humanly possible each night. For the last four nights we've had very long and aggressive sex sessions - last night four hours all told, with a bit of a rest in the middle. Problem is, with my drive as it is, within a few minutes of orgasm I want more - it's completely out of control. From past experience I know it will settle down soon but we have been making the most of it!

    Today we are both completely busted - he's got RSI in his hand, I've got the sorest genitals and nipples on earth, my jaw kills from too much oral. Problem is, I know there's no way that I can go to bed with him tonight and do nothing, I'm already counting down the hours until bedtime.

    What to do? Any tips for some gentle but still satisfying activities that our broken bodies can tolerate?! When I'm in the mood, "gentle" isn't really our forte and I fear that we will get carried away, but I don't think we will be able to do nothing!


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    Here are a few options you may want to consider, they are expensive but it sounds like just what you need and either toy will have its way with you both without the need for you to exhaust yourselfs.


    Dirtywife [sign in to see picture]
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    Crikey! For some reason I did not expect robot sex 😂

    I was thinking of something less trying on my poor swollen lady parts! But i do appreciate the suggestjon!

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    What about a nice spoon session after a little oral?

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