1. Boyfriend feels intimidated/replaced by toys?

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    Me and OH have been together about 4 years and in that time I’ve started using toys, and I’d really like to introduce toys into couples play. I’d love him to use toys and I bought a vibrating cock ring from here but he’s just not open to it, he feels like i’ll prefer them to him, but it’s a totally different thing. Anyone got any ideas about how to maybe ease his mind or been in the same situation? I don’t want to feel guilt about enjoying toys :/

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    If you can, it might be worth asking what it is specifically that he doesn't like about them? One way to explain why you like them is that sex toys often let us find out what we like and what works so that when you're together you can guide them to how to touch you. The other thing is that couples toys are not merely for the pleasure of one. A vibrating cock ring will give him some very enjoyable vibrations and a small handheld clitoral vibrator can be used against his perineum while giving him a hand or blow job. So it's worth explaining the benefits to him too.

    In the end a toy such as a dildo or insertable vibrator is no substitute for a real man and his penis. A vibrator cannot stimulate other parts of your body, say dirty things in your ears or feed back how good it feels for it. Sex is not just penis in vagina action but the whole package.

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    Toys are no more of a replacement for him than his hand is a replacement for you, it's just an extension of your sex life.

    +1 to ToGildALily above, if you go through the combined benefits of toys, perhaps dedicate a session or 2 to his pleasure, bring in new sensations during oral or a nice slow handjob, show him you still have a love for his penis.

    You need to discuss with him what his objections are, outside the bedroom and then talk them through.

    Even toys "for her" can still be awesome couples play toys.....

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