1. I used music, massage and hypnosis for the best sex ever.


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    To me there is no better sex than when you feel wanted and needed and not just another session where she just goes through the motions.

    What I did was convert our coffee table base into a bass only subwoofer with two 12 inch woofers mounted into the base of the sealed box of the coffee table.

    I put on some smooth jazz and layed soft pillows and a comforter on the coffee table So I could use it as a massage table.

    My Wife had a glass or two of wine to relax her, I dimmed the lights and had my Wife lay on the make shift vibrating massage table.

    Once she got comfortable I put a nice warmed up heating pad on her back and let her get used to vibrations from the powerful subwoofers set to a low volume where the vibrations are pleasant and help draw her into the music.

    While giving my Wife a whole body massage using a mono tone voice in a calm relaxed manor I used the power of suggestion and light teasing massage strokes in time with the music to drive my Wife crazy until She couldnt stand it any more and pretty much had her way with me.

    This was the time I learned if I put in enough effort love and care I was rewarded 10 fold.

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    We use massage as part of our play together, and with some swinger friends, it's useful for those in-between--session times. Always dim the lights, light incense and use specialist massage oils and sometimes have gentle music playing. It's very relaxing and intimate.

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