1. DVP

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    This is on our to do list, maybe this weekend all being well.

    Anyone else tried this and enjoyed it? Also, what's the best position for this?

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    What's DVP?

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    Double vaginal penetration I suspect.

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    My wife has admitted that she "quite likes" me fisting her after getting a book on the subject and reading it together( A hand in the bush), there's a section on double fisting that we've read, pictures included(line drawn tasteful) at the right moment I'm going to ask if shes will to try/work up to it?


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    The best and only position I have tried I was on bottom she was on top then he was on top of her.

    it was very akward for me it was the first and last time I tried it.

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    Thank you

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    It's on our to do list aswel. Hope you got a reliable extra partner


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    My wife loves this, she is a bit of a screamer when she is used this way, the bigger the better she says. I do get excited when our friends have their way with her, sometimes ( if I have been a good chap ) I'm allowed to be the second person, if not I have to clean up after them.

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    We had a reliable third person which is a bonus and we all had a very enjoyable experience, each of us enjoying different experiences

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    Wow! That is my ultimate fantasy ... but on my husband's part bringing anyone - man or woman into our bedroom is a massive no for now. Maybe in the future I hope, but right now it's a definite no.

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    SIngle penetration is enough for me! lol. Not sure I fancy a double.

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    Only tried this with a partner and one of her female friends, the strap on was quite hard and made things pretty uncomfortable but she enjoyed herself and it was an amazing experience. Can imagine two penises would feel very different but I’m not willing to let another man near my girl. I don’t like to share what’s mine

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    Yes, it is something we do when swinging, but only if he mood is right and people are up for it. Some men we know have a real aversion to the idea, think cock-on-cock contact is too much. Doesn't happen very often as it is a 'naughty' rather than a pleasure thing, if that makes sense.

    Our way is for the man with the largest cock to lie on his back and the woman to straddle him cowgirl-style. If she's not totally relaxed then they fuck for a bit as a couple. When she's ready, the second man enters her doggy-style; this sounds easier than it actually is because as one cock is going in, the other often slips out, and everyone involved has to get their legs right. All this usually causes amusement both for those involved and those watching!

    When both cocks are in, the man in doggy starts thrusting - unless you're very experienced (we are not!) he's the only one of the three that can move. We have kept in DVP until one of the men had cum and then the woman and other man carried on as a pair, but mostly for us it's just a game to play for a bit and nobody cums. When we've done it during a 4some both women have had DVP "just for fun'' rather than serious pleasure, and then we've got into pairs for the real orgasmic play.

    If this interests you, then practice with a real cock and a dildo, and don't use too much lube or things will slip out. It's best when both men are bareback and a lot less fun when both are wearing condoms.

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    I have only experienced this once when single and in my twenties with two male partners I had previously slept with who were cousins.
    I lay on my side with one partner in front of me and the other one behind me and had one of my legs held high for easier access.It came about towards the end of an all night session with both partners taking turns.Neither wore condoms and I have never forgotten the amazing sensation of them both thrusting together.

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    Great run down Peakcouple.

    Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm very envious! :)

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    I would love this... unfortunately my husband has that “other penis near him” issue and would t even consider this!!! Sigh... one of those things I should have tried when I was single!!

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