1. Biggest you've had?

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    BigInBerks wrote:

    Maybe there's a correlation between size and kinkiness? I'm 8x5.5 - my wife says she wouldn't want any bigger!

    Still asking politely for back door access and building her up to it!

    Haha we're building up to that I keep reminding him he's too big to go in without any prep... I've measured him so my toys are building up to that size and I've got a dildo his size... Not there yet but won't be and the training is so much fun 😀
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    Connor0267 wrote:

    Aww thank you so much aims85, that means a lot to me, all your support. Yeah I know what you mean by a monogamous relationship. That is what I would like. I actually don't need to be doing it with guys, I would really love to find a woman that will enjoy anal play as much as me and would use my toys on me and even get into pegging with me. To me that would the perfection and the best thing I could ever have in a relationship with a woman. Thanks so much for your advice and input. ❤️

    And I'm sure you will find her... A lot of women are open minded. I know my hubby I love exploring new things together x
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    Iv never had a real one, but the biggest I had was an inflatable strap on around 7x4 which was more than enough!

    My partner loves my size and I'm the biggest she's had which is always sexy to witness her reaction each time she gets to play with it.


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    Once again thanks Aims for your support and words of encouragement, I wish you and your hubby the best and have fun with all your anal play! I think it's the best thing ever! Hugs 🤗 and take care ☺️

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    When I was younger I measured my dick. At that time it measure at 6.5" and a girth at 5 in circum. Now since I'm in my 60's it has shrank some. It is now down to 5.5" and about 4.5 in circum. Now my question is, is it due to getting older or is it due to not having any sex?

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    Biggest was 9 inches with a thick girth too. Someone I was with for 18 months it hurt a lot sometimes It was great but later in relationship caused problem I got ripped and bled and hit my cervix . there was good times but he couldn't always go all the way in with most positions I just couldn't handle it a lot and ripped a few times. Ouch haha

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