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    I've only ever been with circumcised guys and new bf isn't so I have no idea if I need different techniques for oral or if it's all the same. Please offer advice.

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    Hello and welcome.

    Ok a few small adjustments needed but nothing much really. You will probably find that your new chap has a more sensative tip to his penis, so you might need to be more gentle with this area.

    Oh and practically, you will need to gently move the foreskin back before consentrating on the tip, you can do this with your hand. You might not need to some men's for skin draws back as the tip fills with blood.

    Generally just take things slowly and gently to start with and vary your focus and intensity depending on how he reacts.

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    The added sensitivity can be a good opportunity to try different things on the glans. A little bit of lube will help just to reduce friction and by reducing that it might make it more comfortable for him at the start.

    Soft licks or gently running the tip of your tongue over the glans is good as it's not too much pressure and can be a very teasing way to start and then switch between licks with the tip of your tongue and broader licks that almost cover the glans. The ridge where the shaft meets the glans is also a great spot to go softly to begin with and you can then try to expand on that by tracing all around the base of the glans with your tongue. Feels different from all angles.

    Another good thing is to switch between taking the glans and shaft in your mouth and focusing on the glans only with your hand on his shaft or balls. You can use your lips to very gently suck on his head and flick the end with your tongue. You can do shallow strokes only taking in the glans and then change to a deeper stroke, taking as much of him as you can just for one before going back to teasing the glans. Or tease the glans and progressively take on more of him on one stroke at a time. He'll be kept on his toes that way.

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