1. Holiday toys and tips

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    Toys can add alot to sex for us, so thinking about taking some.

    not long till holiday just for my OH and I. Have you taken toys in suitcase? Any problems or suggestions you encountered any issues. Did you find it worth it?

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    My partner and I have had a lot of fun taking blindfold, satin restraints and the mini crop away on several occasions. Don’t be fooled that it’s all about bondage or S&M, you can have hours of sensual fun and foreplay. They are all very light and compact, and don’t have the complications of vibrating in your case. (I think I've taken vibrators in the past but removed the batteries first). If you guys have never tried light bondage or S&M play before it’s definitely worth a little go, might even be nice to indulge whilst away from the stresses of everyday life. If you need convincing I’ve reviewed all three!!

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    Here is the most recent thread on this subject too: 


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