1. Your biggest turn OFF.

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    lovingnewtoys wrote:

    Kanu Suckmeov wrote:

    I seem to have an aversion to rude people. I'm a bit old school about manners etc. Let women go first, open the door for them, wait for the next person and hold the door for them.

    A thank you and a smile doesn't cost any one a penny, so why do people not appreciate the small things that go on around them?

    +1 xxx

    Agree. I must be getting old but I have tuned in recently to people who don't say please. It doesn't cost anything to be nice, and so much more attractive. So I agree with rudeness and lack of courtesy being big turn offs.


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    People telling me obvious lies and bad manners. Some people are full of bulls..t

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    TMI. Like when my husband blurts out he has piles or that his athletes foot is back. Grosses me out.

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    Bad breath, just no!

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    Double entendres.

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    Body odour and poor hygiene!

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    Bad breath is a definite.

    But one thing I detest is bad table manners and eating habits! It really gets to me. Chewing with your mouth open so I can hear every squelch, crunch and swallow. People who don't know how to use cutlery! Honestly do folk not sit at the table and eat as family's Now?

    Or this one gets me bad also. When a family sit down in a restaurant and they all take their phones out and ignore each other!

    Any way rant over...........

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    I don't think it's my biggest turn off, but my wife cannot start sex without going for a wee. It's not helpful, but it that way. As I'm not in to golden showers, it's just something I have to put up with!

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