1. Dirty night away with the wife... Im looking for suggestions. (bondage/tieing up)

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    Soon my wife and I are going for a dirty night away from the kids to get some of pent up sexual urges out on each other. It usually means several hours of ahem.... "Alone time" before going out for a late dinner somewhere.

    I’m a sub, not in the life style type of thing just in the bedroom, and she ties me up and sometimes uses a strapon on me (but its been a while since we've use the strapon and I don’t think I would be accustom to it anymore.).

    We have a little bit of paraphernalia. 3 long pieces of rope, gag, blindfold, strapon, a dildo or 2 and nipple claps. We are quite adventurous but my knowledge of how to be tied up and what to do when tied up is limited to what I've made up.

    I was wondering if poeple had suggestions of how my wife could tie me up or things she to do to me. When she ties me up it doesn't always have to be about penetration or access to my penis. For me being tightly bound and at my wife's mercy is the sexy thing. 
    Thats another thing, ideas of what she can "force" me to do or "force" upon me too.

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    She could force you to watch whilst she gets off using a vibrator / dildo

    Orgasm denial, get her to bring you to the edge but cut short of release

    Outside the bedroom ofcourse there are other options, dinner out with a toy in (butt plug for either of you, love egg etc), public flashing / playing etc

    Some wicked lingerie or if you like being tied up, a costume of some description?

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