1. chemical imbalance?

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    I tryed looking up if it is possible to have a chemical imbalance due to the lack of sex, meaning, not getting it at all for a long time and the build up chemicals in the brain that gets released when doing it. so not doing it, it build up and up and up till it drives one mad like. so the ponder is, is it possible one would call it a chemical imbalance in the brain? And your ponders of why when one 'gets off' is and has been helpfull.

    a bit of back history, my b/f and i been together for many many years, and always had a hernia, only in the last 5-6 years has it been so bad that sex slowly dropped to the point of never doing it together for the last like 4 years. 3 1/2 some years later, i found this site and where i bought my first toys which so helped me from completely going mad and now getting off which eased the brain in where i am not 'thinking' about sex 24/7 like i was before. took me about a month or two lol before i simmered down lol

    ANYways...... your two cents please, thanks.

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    You must be right somewhere cos sex releases many hormones n chemicals in pur brain . I get depressed n sometimes cry if I haven't had sex for a few weeks . also sex is an addiction to many people we all get addictions cos of the rush we feel from it the hormones and chemicals etc so I reckon you could be onto something here !

    Cortisol , estrogen and progesteron play a big factor in sex drive as well .

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    I've wondered about this too. I had very little desire to play, possibly due to hormones in relation to a medical condition, until about 2 years ago when I got curious as to if I was even physically possible for me (penetration etc) again because of the condition. I still had no real desire beyond that curiosity but once I started using toys and enjoying it I wanted it every day and still do and going even a week without leaves me antsy and distracted. I haven't worked out of its a case of didn't know what I was missing but I went 34 years with nothing without bother and now a week is a struggle.

    I have got used to the mind quieting after-effect of an orgasm and losing myself in the single minded focus during play.

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    Well, sex drive is definitely based on the chemical balance in your brain, whether or not having a lot or too little is a cause for a change in balance, I don't know. When I took antidepressants I had basically no sex drive whatsoever with the chemical changes. So I'd definitely say it affects sex drive, but I wouldn't be able to say if sex drive affects it.

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    It all makes sense as it is all an impulse that makes us want something and impulses are controlled by the chemicals in your brain. Some people have more than others and that's what makes some people want and need more than others. Therefore it stands to reason that not having sex can cause a build up of certain chemicals until it has a marked affect on your behaviour and mood.

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    my b/f has said i am in better mood since i have a way now to release (get off persay) since.

    i have to also agree, it does affect ones mood... i know i had to been a trip to live with....lol

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    Posted Saturday at 3:09 pm

    https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/members/vixenchel/ yeah is some times how i feel.

    more thoughts on this is great. trying to understand what happened and why to a point dildos seem to help matters, as a good plan b i call it.

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