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  1. Being judged


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    I don't tend to judge people to often.. but know alot of people who do people judge in different ways for loads of reasons but as long as your not bothering anyone I wouldn't judge.
    My mate n oh judge me a lil when I spoke to them about purchases off here lol but I think they thought I was come out just coz I found anal play 😂
    Everyone different don't let anyone judge you x

    Terri JJ [sign in to see picture]
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    I don't care in the slightest what people think of me....if they want to judge then they can go right ahead. I do what makes me happy and as long as it hurts absolutely no one then I shall carry on doing it.

    I certainly don't judge others. Everyone is different and as long as they enjoy what they do.....then good for them xx


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    Bravo Terri JJ. I agree with everything you have said.

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    I find when it comes to kinky stuff that if it's not something that I'm interested I just think "yeah ok, well you enjoy that". It's whatever floats each of our boats.

    I am the sort of person who feels judged though. I love that I can talk to people here but would never talk to my friends about my kinks and fetishes. Oh and I accidentally left one of my vibes in the bathroom after cleaning it, my ex husband saw it and told me I was "disgusting" (bit rich coming from a guy I once found asleep on the sofa, cock in hand with a programme called 'couples that kill' on tv!!!)

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    I like to think I'm not judgmental but I'm pretty sure in the back of my head there is this petty side somewhere and that scares me a bit because i don't want to be judged about my likes and fantasies which i have never shared with anyone face to face , here is the only place i can write down my thoughts so thanks a lot LH. I don't judge people about their kinks and likes (as long as it's legal and not hurting anyone)if it's not to my taste I'll just walk away but I'd never make comment, if it's not for me then its not for me so i get over it and my life continues. However i am so insecure because i feel like I'm judged all the time and that is probably why unconsciously i have managed to sabotage any chance I'd have to be with someone as I'm so scared of judgment. I feel like I'm ready now to be with someone but I'm really scared in the same time (i have met someone who lives near me online but i always report our meeting but now i have to face it as I'm going abroad for a while and i will regret it if i don't do it)but even then if we click and see each other again and start something i don't know when I'll be ready to share what i like……hoping I'll be able to open up 😔😔😔

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    Sometimes i do read things that i think are odd.
    I guess i do judge them. Or more accurately ; did.
    I know i shouldnt and so, i apply a bit of advice a friend of mine gave me.
    He said, "if you find it odd first ask, does it harm anyone? Second, are they having fun? Third, are they consenting adults?".
    I find, 9/10 i stop, re-evaluate, and wonder if we might like it?
    LH has opened my eyes and i swear, broaden my mind.
    Right now i mostly think...yeah... i'd give that a go ;-)

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