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    My wife was leaning over a over a window cill on the 1st floor of our french apartment talking to some friends in the street. I managed to take her knickers off and had my dick up her V then finished off having anal sex with her. They must have known what was happening as her speech was very jumpy and squeeled now and then. Plus the fact they know what I am like.

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    We have a summer holiday tradition which started when the kids were very young.
    When we are abroad, on the last night, once the kids are in bed we always do it on the balcony. Irrespective of who or what we overlook.
    Last year it was in Ibiza (the east).
    But everytime, with a glass or two of wine, brings the holiday to a delicious conclusion.

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    I personally haven't had many risky encounters. I have heard of a friend who's done it on a bridge at night where only cars with their headlights have a vague chance of seeing them.

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    In fields of high crops both in the sun and the pouring rain, in woods, sides of footpaths, in back of car in car park late in evening. Love been outdoors and love sex so why not mix the two and have a thriving adventure. Love rock climbing got to say would love to do it at the top of a mountain after a hard climb! Defiantly something I will do one day!

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    Also forgot to add that one time at the side of a footpath just as we finished and walked back to the foot path we found a woman walking her dog just in front of us also heading back to the path! For to say she had probably been watching us but we was way to busy to realise or care for that matter!!!

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    I have mentioned on here with other threads about having sex on a beach.

    We had people either side of us about 80-100 yards away, so we thought we were just about OK. What we didnt know until after we got up to go, was that there was a clifftop walkway above us, so any one walking along that path would have seen us.

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