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  1. Cold shoulder

    Mr_Hammer69 [sign in to see picture]
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    So, i have an issue and the good people on here have given sound advice before, so where better to come back to.

    I know my wife isnt keen on dirty talk or messages which i get and understand. But i do sometimes say something just to test the water every so often. Nothing too bold or explicit, but just along the lines of what i'd like to do that night.

    we have the most amazing sex life. I have zero complaints as we have done so many great things together.

    So tonight, its been a few days since we last had sex although she had helped me out shall we say and tonight whilst just chilling out i said
    "I'd like to return the favour and give u some relief along the lines that you gave me"

    Now she is a squirter and a very good squirter. But she just kind of ignored it. I'd understand if i turned to her said I'd like to bend you over and fuck your brains out, but it wasnt.

    Am i reading into this too much, or shall i just give up the naughty talk?

    Sorry if long winded

    Lovehoney - Paige [sign in to see picture]
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    Hmm this is a strange one. I think communication is key here and you should really talk to her and see what she actually thought about what you said. Get her opinion so you know new ways to turn her on outside the bedroom.

    In my opinion, it is not dirty talk as such but maybe it made her feel uncomfortable. You could consider communicating in different means, maybe she would like that. Example, leaving something out which is considered normal but you both know it means something sexual.

    Good luck :)

    RosyCheek [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm no expert but as a shy cookie myself it could be a number of things. She may have been enjoying her tv programme too much to really notice your offer. She may not have been in the mood so opted to ignore you to avoid saying no and hurting your feelings. Like Paige said she could have just felt uncomfortable.

    Do you often pay her attention like that without expecting anything in return? If not she may have just been kinda thrown back by it and not known how to react.

    I can't do or take dirty talk, it makes me anxious and very uncomfortable. I don't think your way of putting it was dirty but just a general question so I wouldn't worry about that. Have a chat with her see what her views are. 😘

    Mr_Hammer69 [sign in to see picture]
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    I prefer making her cum yea. Never expect in return and she knows that.

    Thank u both very much for the words

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