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  1. How patient are you with sex and purchases.

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    If you want it does it need to be fairly immediate?

    When your excited for a sex toy or purchase can you wait or does that need to be now?

    I find I can't wait too long if I'm in the mood. Normally get carried away.

    Hate waiting for purchases even if I know there will likely be a sale soon

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    Sex - I like to make it last a bit. I like to do a bit of kissing, teasing and foreplay which can last anywhere from an hour to all day long. Quickes just arn't for me.

    Lovehoney Order's - I normally have a big wish list waiting for when we have a spare bit of money. If money was no issue, it'd be next day delivery as I get so excited and impaitent once I've made an order...xx

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    Sorry didn't mean how long it lasted. Just Wether you could wait an hour or more when turned on/in the mood

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    I hAve been procrastinating about the goodies in my basket...placed order tonight- saw how long it'd take to get to mainland Europe and opted for super fast delivery... waiting for it to come is the hard bit.

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