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    Update: caved in and told oh of recent lingerie posts. He asked to see, i sent pics and getting carried away i said id like us to get some toys to take away with us. I wasnt asking explicitly for his permission but id much rather have his approval before i have the parcel delivered.
    Needless to say he approves wholeheartedly and is looking forward immensely to our get away.
    I dont want to make a big issue of it but we never have date nights, never have couple time as we dont have a support network. In the pasy he has made advances when kids are at sunday school but i tended to brush him off as i knew kids were coming back soon etc.
    I think ive learnt that i need to be more accomodating and learn to seize the moment .

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    Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful weekend away! Enjoy!!!!

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