1. Tattoo Trouble

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    So, I got my seventh tattoo today. This is my biggest yet, and the first one not to be on my legs. It covers almost my entire forearm, and, as you can imagine, is pretty sore.

    Now, i always make an effort to keep my legs covered if we have sex while a tattoo is healing, and we usually revert to positions where my legs are up and obviously not getting bothered or leant on during the course of events. This one, however, seems like it would be very fiddly to work around? It's my dominant arm, too, so there's the issue of foreplay, etc.

    What I'm really asking, is do any of you have experience having sex with a healing arm tattoo? Did it make it impossible? Did you find any specific positions that worked? Please help. I have a super high sex drive, and I really don't fancy going two weeks without it.

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    I have a lot of tattoos (full sleeve, back and legs) and have never found sex an issue whilst they heal...keep it covered during activities, I wet heal mine so covered with cling film for 4 days after tattooing. Try to use your other arm or mouth etc instead of your freshly tattooed arm. Try not to lean on it too much. Will be absolutely fine if you accidentally bump it in the moment.

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    How about having your arms tied above your head - that will keep them out of harms way xxx


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    No really had a problem. Obviously you are a little more careful. I'm an engineer and still managed to do my job no problem after a full sleeve. Just give yourself a second to think about what you are doing 👍🏼

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    Thanks guys <3

    I tend to be very 'hands-on' during sex, and just worried a little. It sounds so silly, especially because I have a fair few others, but I did wonder if this one would make things difficult.

    I really appreciate the reasurance. It's helped a bunch and I definitely feel a little more confident going forward

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    I'd just say you don't want any continued friction on it so not to knock scabs off. Other than that and keeping it bacteria free its all good.

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    Ah yes... I know this problem well. My recent feet tattoos were a nightmare for sex (and walking, and bathing, and pretty much everything!!) 

    The cling film trick can help and at least stops you rubbing/knocking any scabs off. Just remember to remove and clean every 2 hours if you keep it wrapped or you'll f*ck your tattoo right up. 

    Even though you're usually hands-on during sex, maybe this is an opportunity to try a more submissive role in the bedroom?

    Maybe try some standing sex / against a wall so your arms are supporting you, rather than getting directly involved in the action?

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