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  1. New partner wants me to introduce my toy

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    As it's early days with your relationship your bound to feel like this- it's a personal thing. Just ensure you explain this as you don't want him to feel pushed out or think he has done wrong by asking. It will take time and don't rush into it just to make him happy, you got to be ready and who says you have to share it with him! My OH asked me lots to play in front of him and it took a long time for me to feel comfortable- we were married and had our first child by the time I started to do it so you can tell it was a while! Just don't feel pressured x

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    Purring-Pussy wrote:

    Smellycat, if it's too soon for you, that's cool. Just explain. If you want to keep your rabbit to yourself for now, that's entirely up to you sweetie.
    When you feel ready to explore using sex toys together, how about asking him to help you to choose something with you. That way you still get to keep your rabbit to yourself, but start to introduce toys with each other.
    If you don't think you'll ever want to use toys together further on in your relationship, let him know that you're fine with him having his own collection of toys.

    I think purring pussy is spot on here ❤
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    If you're not ready to share your toy with him yet then that's perfectly fine and as long as he doesn't push you on it then that's even better. It's nice that he doesn't feel threatened by the thought of toys yet.

    I always like the beginning of a relationship of just enjoying each others bodies first before bringing in toys. Just nice and simple and exploring each other with each other.

    If you don't want to share that toy with him.. maybe you could get a toy specifically to use with him? So you can keep the other one just yours.

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    Agree with most posts, if you feel it's early and you're not ready, don't feel pressured to do just to please him.

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    Best thing is to try new things when you are ready, always works best for me.

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    Thanks everyone for the great advice. I also think it's due to the fact of me feeling a little embarrassed to introduce 'said' toy as it isn't exactly overused so I'm not too familiar, nor is it a favourite or has been. It's the only one I kept from a small collection I had when I was with my ex since we split, and no we didn't really use toys together either as also wasn't his thing. I have however purchased a shiny new rabbit, one that I feel I'll get on with both in terms of ease of use and physically as well as it's not massive so he shouldn't feel too upstaged when the times right to introduce it. I bought the fun factory miss bi. I love their toys.

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    Change the dynamic a bit and tell him he can watch but you will have to tie him securely out of reach.

    You could also blindfold him the first couple of times until you feel more comfortable.

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