1. Whereabouts were you when you "popped your cherry"?

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    My first time was ten days**REMOVED BY MODERATOR**  Some friends and myself were hanging out at a flat that belonged to an older woman friend of one of the girls in our group.

    We were drinking coffee and playing some kind of card game were the two lowest losing hands (if they were boy and girl) had to have a 'snog'. I'd had a few losing hands and snogged with several of the girls from our group but then it seemed I had a lot of losing hands with the woman that lived in the flat, I started to snog her and thought I'd push my luck with wandering hand trouble and she didn't object.

    Every opportunity I got I pushed a little further till I suggested we go to another room and she said yes. She made a sugestion to make more coffee and off to the kitchen she went, I excused myself on the pretence of going to the toilet, when I got to the toilet door she was already in the bedroom doorway and beckoned me in. Well the next 20 minutes we were all over each other, fingering, licking, rubbing, thrusting, my head was awash, she did everything to me. I think I left the flat ten feet tall that night. I found out later that she was aged 32. Never went there again.

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    Behind some kind of utility station building, can't remember what type (maybe electric?).

    The romance was palpable!

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    Unfortunately, even after numerous prompts and reminders, this thread is still breaking the pre 18 rule.

    Due to this, the thread is now closed. 

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