1. Whereabouts were you when you "popped your cherry"?

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    My first time was in the U.S. Navy. We just graduated from boot camp. My brother took me to a massage parlor. Got a massage from a girl, after she was about half done I asked her if I could have sex with her. She said yes. So we had sex in the massage parlor. Lasted about 30 minutes. When we were done got dressed and left. On our next desdenation, my brother ask me if I did it and I said yes. He said no Wonder I took so long. That was in San Diego California good old USA, year 1976. Had fun that day.

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    It was with the man I am now married to! How cute is that!! I'm so pleased he was my first (although he's not my only - we've had other partners during our relationship and also when we broke up once). It was at the pub he ran, in the spare room!

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    On one of those spinning armchairs. More difficult than we expected!

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    Friends, please heed the instructions Leanne has posted in respect of rule breaking comments. We should always endeavour to play by the rules of the LH family.

    The question I posed in my original post should have been better phrased, and I sincerely apologise for my tardiness!

    I should have emphasised the actual WHEREABOUTS of your first sexual encounter ( post 18 ).

    Again, my apologies for the misunderstanding.


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    It happened in Nottingham.

    Mature lovers 62 [sign in to see picture]
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    Wow that is a long time ago, we was going out for some time before it happened, I wanted to wait till the right momment. I can remember we went out for a night at the pictures, came home and the house was empty, we started to kiss and cuddle and slowly we got undressed and started to fondle each other. This we had done many times, but this time we got too exited and I whispered in his ear to make love to me. It was way to over to quickly but we had done it, things got much better from then.

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    In the toilets of a spanish bar up against a condom machine that stated " NO WORKO"

    classy i know but the most important times came later for me

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    I think was 18/19 ish when I had sex for the first time. Her name was Faye and was a gorgeous girlfriend for a year or so.

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    It was at my boyfriends, at the time, Nan's house (she wasn't there to clarify .... he was house sitting) we watched a film and got horny on the sofa....was pretty OK for the first time really... Though he turned out to be an arse!!

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    Called me old fashion, but my wife and I did the deed on our wedding night. We were both 22!!

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    On my parents sofa, in the middle of the afternoon with them both upstairs.. it wasn't great, but we stayed together for another 4 years after that, and it got much better!

    speedingmullet [sign in to see picture]
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    In disabled toilet in a hotel in Spain. 🙈

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    Peakcouple [sign in to see picture]
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    Her, on a beach during a school trip to Italy, with a local lad. Him, in a friend's bedroom at a party (his parents were away) with GF. With condoms on both occasions.

    RachelWelsh [sign in to see picture]
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    it was a disaster, I was inexperienced and although I had thought about it a lot the reality was not what I expected. He was a lifeguard at the holiday camp my parents had a holiday home on. We had been what I thought was boyfriend and girlfriend but he was seeing other girls I found out later. So we often went to the beach where I would give him bjs - he had the tastiest cum I have ever swallowed. But as far as sex goes, we did it once and once only, it was on the beach in a little wooded over area behind the sand dunes. Like I said, I was so inexperienced, I had no idea what he was doing or even what 'cumming' was. He asked if he could cum after about 30 seconds of being inside me and I said no and made him pull out because I didn't know what he was referring to lol. Anyway, as an experienced lover now I still am confused as to why he asked if he could cum ... he had a condom on, I wouldn't have known any different, he pulled out and we walked him back to work in the swimming pool, where my now husband was also a lifeguard and he was extremely peed off that we were so late as he was now late. I only told him that he was there on the day I lost my virginity, it was just to his friend, 17 years ago!

    Browncoats [sign in to see picture]
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    I lost my virginity on a one night stand. I knew the guy but we weren't in a relationship. I had been ready and eager to experience sex for a while but had been single during the time I evolved from not ready to wanting. We were all out drinking and at the end of the night we went for a walk. We ended up down by the river having sex. A few nights later a friend told me she had seen me down by the river and I did my best to act cool as I had no idea if she was saying she had seen us....

    I dont regret it. I'm fact I'm glad I lost it this way as there was no awkward before and after although I have to say looking back he was amazing but I panicked as he brought me to orgasm because o dodnt know what it was.

    ophelia-rose [sign in to see picture]
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    It was in my first boyfriend's bed, with comdom. We had already started doing other sexual stuff, which I'm pretty sure also started in that bed, when we had PiV sex for the first time. It hurt, and he turned out to be a terrible boyfriend, but I've had much better since! 😁

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    A guy I was seeing lived above the pub I used to go to. So was in his bedroom. Was a a rubbish 1st time. He definitely watched too much porn lol

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    Mine was quite fun - I was at uni and I'd just moved in with a friend and a few of his friends (all guys). Ended up doing the deed with one of them in his room after a couple of weeks, with my friend asleep in the room next door. He made it a lot of fun (especially for me... twice!) and it resolved into a fun friends with benefits casual situation that meant if neither of us pulled on a night out we could at least go home and have fun together!

    Kanu Suckmeov [sign in to see picture]
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    In my bedroom with my then girlfriend. My parents were out. It was the first time for both of us, we were very gentle with eachother, and we both really enjoyed ourselves. We spent another 3 years together before we broke up, but we had a great time learning as much as we could about love and growing up.

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