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  1. Whereabouts were you when you "popped your cherry"?

    Ragnar Lodbrok [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Brigadier
    • Posts: 45
    • Joined: 6 Aug 2012

    Our first sexual encounter, we are told, should be a memorable one.

    I was just reminiscing about the time I "lost" my virginity and my whereabouts at the time.

    I was 18 and had just finished working my shift at my local pub. I was living at home st the time. My parents were out at the time and we're due to arrive home we'll after midnight. I'd given my girlfriend the key to their home.
    We both knew that that night was going to be "that night"!!

    I remember vividly the excitement and anticipation I experienced whilst working my shift. I also remember the feeling of trepidation and anxiety whether it would actually happen and of my being able to perform. The fact that we were in my parents' home added an element of risk and excitement!

    It was a special night and one I will never forget. We never looked back after that and practiced our carnal knowledge whenever and wherever the opportunity arose! A few years later we were married and appreciative of the fact that we were no longer sexual novices!!

    What are your memories of your first sexual encounter?

    Lyndav71 [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
    • Posts: 255
    • Joined: 25 Feb 2017

    I was 21 years old and working on a British Forces Germany Youth Service as a Volunteer Play Scheme Worker, we were on various army and RAF bases in Germany and I met someone who it turned out was from my home region back in the UK.

    My first experience was amazing - leg shakingly so (didn't realise it was an orgasm until years later)

    Curvy Cleo [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Captain
    • Posts: 11
    • Joined: 13 Dec 2016


    I was and it happened in my boyfriends room. I bought some pink lacy lingerie from peacocks a few days before and was really excited. We planned it for when all his family would be out that weekend so we had the place to ourselves. I wanted to wait till we had been together at least 6 months, but we went ahead like 10 days before haha.
    I was really scared on the night though, but he was so lovely and super gentle, I didn't hurt at all, and it lasted like an hour and a half which I was not expecting at all, and it was just amazing - and over that weekend we had sex another 12 times, though they were considerably quicker lmao

    RosyCheek [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Field Marshall
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    • Joined: 11 Apr 2016

    Curvy Cleo wrote:

    Life starts at 18 on lovehoney Cleo.

    Curvy Cleo [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Captain
    • Posts: 11
    • Joined: 13 Dec 2016

    What does that mean? I am over 18 now

    VioletWolf [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: General
    • Posts: 1198
    • Joined: 25 Jun 2014

    My parents went away for the weekend and foolishly left my adult brother in charge of me. I didn't see him all weekend. But the lad I liked came over on the Saturday night, and I knew I was ready. I was happy that it would be wth him, we'd been on and off over many years and had kind of gone through all the stages together. But alas, he didn't have a condom as he wasn't expecting me to be ready! Sent him away, he came back the next day with the condoms, we had sex in my parents' bed. I remember bleeding and going in the shower after, genuinely believing he would be gone by the time I got out, but he was still there. I've definitely had worse since! 😂

    VioletWolf [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: General
    • Posts: 1198
    • Joined: 25 Jun 2014

    And Cleo it means that any sexual experience you had before the age of 18 shouldbe mentioned with caution. You've just stated you were underage at the point you lost your virginity. Better option if you want to answer a question like this, don't give away the age you were! 👍🏻

    Purring-Pussy [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Field Marshall
    • Posts: 3060
    • Joined: 11 Jun 2012

    I was with my boyfriend and a group of friends playing spin the bottle, but instead of just a kiss, we got to spend 5 mins in the dining room with the person the bottle landed on.
    Bottle landed on me and my boyfriend (quite conveniently) so we disappeared to the dining room. One thing led to another and I lost my V.
    Think it was all set up by our friends. Was fun and the timing was right, I felt totally ready and although it want romantic or anything, I enjoyed it.

    Glaswegian82 [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Colonel
    • Posts: 281
    • Joined: 10 Apr 2017

    I was on an academic excursion that involved time in an outdoors activity centre. On the last night of the excursion there was a party, and alcohol was involved. As the hours wound on, people disappeared off to bed, alone or not, and one of the young ladies left standing pulled me into her room and basically used me for her pleasure. It was, I must say, pretty pleasurable for me as well. A very happy memory, all these years later.

    RosyCheek [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Field Marshall
    • Posts: 2611
    • Joined: 11 Apr 2016

    Don't worry Cleo, we all make slip ups. 😊

    I was really boring. I had been with my boyfriend for 3 months and we both lost it together in his bed. Sad thing is I don't really remember much about it other than he left his socks on.

    Curvy Cleo [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Captain
    • Posts: 11
    • Joined: 13 Dec 2016

    Ohhh right, sorry! I assumed because it's legal where I am it would be fine haha but I can't delete my comment :/

    Fujiyamamama [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
    • Posts: 104
    • Joined: 25 Jun 2017

    Back of my ex's van and it felt awful.

    Lovehoney - Leanne [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Field Marshall
    • Posts: 2273
    • Joined: 9 Oct 2014

    These type of posts are rife with rule breaking comments. It is not just this one it's when was first-time anal etc. 

    PLEASE ALL take note of the rules or I will have no choice but to close these type of posts down before they can break rules

    Here are those rules: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/help/forum-rules/.

    They are readily available to everyone on the welcome thread that is always sticky:


    Just t clarify rule no9: 

    9. Do not condone or encourage illegal activity

    Discussion of dangerous or illegal activity - including sex acts - will be removed. Please remember that at Lovehoney, life starts at 18 years-old. Any posts referring to sex acts before this age will be deleted.

    Thank you all for your understanding! 

    Lovehoney - Jess Wilde [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Field Marshall
    • Posts: 2148
    • Joined: 30 Nov 2012

    My boyfriend's (at the time) bedroom. Classic. 

    LIL_KNOWN69 [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Field Marshall
    • Posts: 731
    • Joined: 9 Oct 2005

    my girlfriend and myself made a pillow fort in the living room of my parents house and then it just kinda happened. Only thing I remember is putting the condom in a plant pot, I have no idea where that went so guess one of my parents must have found it which made me
    Panic for days.

    Ragnar Lodbrok [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Brigadier
    • Posts: 45
    • Joined: 6 Aug 2012

    Early sexual forays (post 18) I always seemed so hurried and awkward. Natural I suppose in my day since Sex Education at school was in its infancy.
    We definitely had nobsex aids to rely on - just condoms which were excruciatingly embarrassing to purchase!!
    I can remember the first sex aid on the market . It was virtually like one of the wands LH sells. It was in the window of our local Health & Herbalist shop!! It was described as " a relaxing means of massaging away all those stressful feelings"!!
    If only LH had been around during those early days! How wonderful it would have been to have access to all the aids now on offer. Our confidence would have been much improved

    Hazeladam [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Major
    • Posts: 146
    • Joined: 28 Jan 2016

    I remember it very well, it happened in my office which was more like a broom cupboard in the shop I worked at with my bosses girlfriend. We are quite close in age and known each other for a couple of years and the tension between us had been growing for a little while until that evening, had closed up the shop and wash cashing up in the office when she brought a drink through to me and then it all happened.

    We're still pretty good friends now and even have a little laugh about that night.

    S&M sexy times [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: General
    • Posts: 922
    • Joined: 6 Oct 2010

    I don't remember my first time, it was too long ago. 

    Mr-Mrs-Sexy [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: General
    • Posts: 499
    • Joined: 12 Aug 2010

    I was with my GF at the time, in my bed... i think i was 19

    paulsballs [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Field Marshall
    • Posts: 2446
    • Joined: 24 Jul 2014

    Eighteen at my cousins flat ,she was out with her husband, still remember they we're both missed off because we had used their last condom

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