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  1. how to stop carring how much more sex cute girls had?

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    I am a goodlooking guy, girls like me. But i am scared go to them, because i dont feel equal to them, because they alived much more then me. They partied, had tons of sex, many sex partners, have taken drugs and me almost nothing. I had 14 sex partners, but most of them one night stands over tinder and a few prostitutes, because there is no normal way i could meet a girl. I dont have friends with which i could go party. I am 30 years old.

    Its killing me, i want sex. I go through the city and 80% of girls i wanna have sex with, i dont want just one. I wanna have porn life like young porn girls. I am imagining liking feet of those girls on the street now in summer, i have a foot fetish.

    Point is, how can i stop carring that girls are over me, even thought they really are, because they alived so much and get so much attention, can have sex all the time.
    Its killing me..the loneliness and life without regular sex. Its like there is nothing i can do, because girls will be always better then me, because they alived everything at much younger age and showed with that, that they are more successfull then me.

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    Since this is the third time you've posted this and none of our advice have had any impact, maybe a psychologist could help you process this? Out advice is clearly not helping you so I think a professional might be of better help.

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    Welcome to the forums

    Maybe you should take a break from women and get yourself a fleshlight lol ;) or maybe your just trying too hard to please people :)

    Don't forget to check out the lovehoney rules as well :)

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