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  1. Calling all long distance lovers...

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    So it's just occurred to me that quite a few of you lovely people are probably in the same boat as I am, of being in a long distance relationship. My partner and I are lucky and get to see each other once every couple of weeks, but sometimes go a couple of months between nights away where we can have a bit of alone time if you know what I mean...

    I'm curious as to how other couples make the best of limited time together? Do you find that absence makes the heart grow fonder? And have you any top tips for those coveted nights in the bedroom?

    Would love to hear people's stories of long distance love and sex

    glitterismyfavouritecolour [sign in to see picture]
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    hiya, my OH and I are both on here and long distance too, uk/ireland. Its really really hard , makes it easier to have plans to look forward to though. Id love to hear more advice from other couples too!

    missing out on normal day to day stuff is the hardest thing for me, just being there for a cuddle or watching tele, but when we get together its like weve never been apart, we just fit back into each other. I cant wait to be able to cook him dinner after work, i even love the sound of him snoring

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    Ah this is a good thread! 

    My bf and I are reasonably long distance. Nothing SUPER far away, but far enough that we generally see each other only at weekends, or every other weekend. 

    We try to talk on the phone and touch base with each other, but we prefer not to constantly talk on Facebook/WhatsApp etc as it takes away from us having a good natter when we see each other. 

    We occasionally sext but mostly, for us, it's about making sure we spend "quality" time together when we do see each other as opposed to keeping in touch a lot when we're apart. We plan things to do (even if the plan is Nothing) and spend our time together well.

    We also make sure we still do things separately and plan things without each other, making sure we still spend time with our friends and family separately. This stops every weekend becomming pre-booked, and helps us feel independant still.  

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    We were long distance for 2 1/2 years before by OH left everything she knew in Edinburgh, and we moved in together in a flat in Bristol, which is my hometown.
    We found being long distance actually really helped out relationship, as you have to trust each other all the time.

    In terms of getting the most out of our time together when we were long distance, we used to see each other one weekend every 3/4 weeks. We used to try and meet halfway in different cities, in cheap hotels, and go out and explore. It was great fun exploring, there wasn't any pressure on the person who was in their hometown to plan things to do, we just did what suited us at that moment. My OH never used to let us get to bed straight away even though we both eanted to. She used to make sure we would spend our Friday night out having fun, before going back to the hotel, for a long night of passion

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