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    My hubby thinks I should get my nipples pierced cos I love my them being played with.

    Anyone had them done?

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    If you type in nipple piercing in the search box loads of threads come up. It's a popular subject.

    My opinion is that it's not a choice your husband can make for you. Do you want to? Can you look after the piercing especially during the healing process? Do you have other piercings? Some people, myself included, struggle with the body rejecting piercings. This can lead to a to scarring and loss of sensation. I have minimal sensation in my formally pierced nipples now.

    Always talk to a reputable piercing specialist.

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    +1 on what RosyCheek said.

    Nipple piercings can be a large undertaking as the healing time is long and can be very painful. The chance of rejection is higher than a lot of other piercings and if you happen to be particularly sensitive, the painful sensation of having them touched may never go away.

    I have one, which I love to look at, however even two years on I still have sore days when it can't be touched at all. Be sure to research your piercer =)

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    Some great points - also bear in mind that even if you got your nipples pierced and the healing process goes well, there's no guarantee that they'll simply be more sensitive - there may be no difference, you may lose some degree of sensation, or they may be too sensitive to touch as much as you liked before.

    Aside from increased sensitivity + looking swish, why does your husband feel having nipple piercings would enhance your nipple play? Nipple clamps/rings could be a good middle ground for you to experiment with both the look and some degree of the feel without going as far as the piercing process:


    Hope this helps!

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    I agree with the other comments. My OH will not allow anything to be attached to her nipples, never mind piercing them. We do have clamps and rings from the items in the link, but still not used them. Some days i can't touch her nipples and other days they are up to having lots of action. I would reccomend trying items in the link first, you may decide you don't like having something attached all day.

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    I've had both my nipples pierced, left one twice and I have lost a lot of sensation in my left one, but after the first times I had no change in sensation through having them pierced they just looked better in my opinion.

    Healing time was approximately 5 months but I was pain free after about a week. Clean first thing in the morning and at night with a warm salty water solution and paper towels preferably and not with cotton wool as you could possibly leave cotton fibres and increase infection risk.

    As for pain, yes it hurts a lot but it is different for men and women, my OH had hers done not so long back and said it was probably 6 out of 10 for pain as for me being male it was one of the worst piercings I had done.

    If you do get it done ask the piercer for a bar not a ring as the rings do make things take longer to heal and they hurt like hell if you catch it.

    If you can put up with pain and the methodical daily cleaning for a couple months after then I would say get it, it may or may not increase sensitivity but it is one sexy looking piercing at the end of the day

    Hope this helps

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    I will just say that the full, complete healing time for a nipple piercing is between 9-12 months - after a period of 5-6 months, it can seem that the piercing is fully healed from the outside but there are still risks at this point to stopping regular cleaning and leaving them be, especially depending on how sensitive your body is to piercings in general.

    And of course - you won't be able to engage in nipple play for several long months after getting this piercing!

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    More importantly, what do you think? Do you want them done?

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