1. A pervert ? or just fed up of just wanking

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    Hello, hope you have fun here

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    I am a happily married man and my sex toy collection is easily triple what my wife's is and my lingerie collection is getting close to double I honestly do not see why you're concerned about being a pervert if it's just because of what you're afraid people will think of you then I will give you my opinion a man BRAVE enough to let go of sexual norms and just enjoy it have fun 😀

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    Hi Biglobe and welcome to the forum.

    Love the sound of the purchases you have made, hope you enjoy them. There is certainly nothing weird about what you want. Many men enjoy the same.

    As for your bi thoughts, embrace them, nothing wrong with being curious

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    Has long as you are enjoying what you are doing & you feel comfortable, that is all that matters.

    Take care

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    I agree with everyone, you are only human and enjoying what you like. Both me and the OH have a varied collection of toys that we enjoy together and on our own. My OH has really got into anal play and even uses the dildos on himself when I am not in and I don't think there is anything wrong with that, it's what he likes and what you like is up to you. We all have our kinks and as long as no one is getting hurt then why not! Enjoy yourself and never feel ashamed of it it's the most natural thing to pleasure ourselves, we are all humans at the end of the day!

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    Hello, welcome to the forum.

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    I've had loads of toys I use on my own even though I'm married( wife knows ) and have some seriously kinky thoughts when playing on my own, I've got some nice lace undies which my wife likes me wearing, so don't worry, generally we're really gentle here, anything goes, whatever your kink, mine is really big butt plugs.

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    You are not a pervert! And I hope you're not lonely! Enjoy your purchases and exploring what you like. And as someone else suggested, try some of the dating sites that cater for kinks and fetishes and find yourself a playmate. Oh and welcome to the forum

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    I agree there is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself. I have bought toys for myself too and use them alone... Nothing wrong with that.

    I too would like to savour a bit of cock. I think many guys who are straight are interested in the thought if not the actual doing of a bit of cock fun with another guy.

    Nothing is weird or perverted if you are happy with what you are doing so don't worry.

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