• Truth or Dare Holiday ideas

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    OK, so we've had a play at truth or Dare (mostly dares!) in the bedroom.

    Gone quite well, especially with a few drinks involved. But dares need to be fresh ideas, we tried playing it a second time with same cards and she wasn't as interested.

    I am in a very one-way relationship and this is helping very slightly in her giving me stuff back.

    It's a laugh too, and having fun between the sheets is important isn't it?

    We are off on holiday soon, and have a couple of weeks in the sun, which always helps. She's asked to play this game on holiday, but tbh I used pretty much everything I could think of for the bedroom version (probably around 80 dares)

    So I could do with some help thinking of sexual dares that could be played in the room or perhaps on the beach?

    It's a long Beach with naturist areas and the hotel has a naturist pool area (last year we dared to go naked in crete and found it fun)

    Fun but daring is the theme, no wife swapping or stuff like that please, or things that might get us deported lol

    Here's a few I've compiled:

    Wear no knickers for the day /restaurant at night

    Make love on the balcony at night (if balcony is suitable)

    Go on the balcony naked

    Touch yourself on the beach without anyone seeing

    As above but the restaurant

    Go on the beach with rolled up socks somewhere daft

    Flash in a shop to each other

    As above but partner takes pictures

    Do something sexual to each other in the sea

    Lie on sand on naturist with legs open for 30 seconds

    Touch each other inappropriately on the beach without being seen

    Secluded spot on the beach and take saucy snaps

    As above make love

    Perhaps some small dares around the pool?

    Sexual dares on the balcony or out at night

    Think you get the idea

    I'm not saying she is willing to do all of this, but we play forfeit when either of us chickens out

    So please throw indoor or outdoor dares at me please, the more daring the better lol

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    Change your swimming costume in the pool . Only do this if no families with kids are around

    Go for a skinny dip in the pool late at night .

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    Wearing really micro trunks/bikini.

    Wearing eachother's clothes.

    Butt plugs while out and about (probably not the beach).

    Chastity device on the nudist beach!

    Body writing.

    Hair removal.

    Just some ideas.

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    Thanks, keep them coming. Some have gone on the list already!

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    Perhaps have some on the list which push your boundaries more. She may be more excited about playing then.

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    Wifey will often dress up for me when we go out. Extremely low cut tops that show off her fantastic boobs, or a 1/4 cup bra that shows off her (normally) erect nipples.

    Sex in unusual places is always a good dare for us!

    Let us know how you get on!

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