1. What you think about male thongs?

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    After discovering male thongs a few years ago, I'm now a complete convert and wear one most days. They are suprisingly comfy (if you buy the right size!) and hold everything in place nicely. I feel way more sexy and confident wearing one too. OH took a while to warm to them but she loves seeing my butt in them now and likes that I feel good wearing them. The LH range is really good and these are my favourite from here - https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=27416

    A lot of designer brands do them for men now too (without naming any names here). Well worth the cash if you like the feel of a thong. They're much more comfortably to wear when the weather is hot than big ole' boxers too. I think more men wear them now than give on. I wouldn't go for any of the 'comedy' ones however.

    If it makes you happy and you're not hurting anyone doing it, then go for it. Life's too short to wear bad underwear...

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    mysteron wrote:

    Delboy1991 wrote: Of course. There is no "normal" No difference in a woman wearing a mans shirt.

    Now that is sexy especially if little else is worn .

    😜😜 100% x
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    Love um, been wearing them for years and years.

    I must say they are much more comfortable now than they were 10 or 15 years ago. However the choice is still very limited, especially compared with ladies lingerie.

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    Used to wear them years ago. Now you have me hankering for some more but i have to admit the first ones i bought were a mistake and nowadays i tend to read the pack a little closer.

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    I think the phrase 'what's good for the goose is good for the gander' could be reimagined here.

    Clothing is non-living, doesn't have a natural sex and shouldn't have gender thrust upon it (nor should we).

    It should be noted that pretty much all fashion considered largely 'feminine' today started off as men's or unisex, including but not limited to: skirt-/dress-/wrap-type flowing, crotchless garments, make-up, high heels, lace and frills, and gaudy jewellery. So... yeah. Whatever. So abitrary.

    As to my own opinion? It's pretty much all sexy to me. I only ask that whatever style underwear it is, it isn't saggy and stained.

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    Love them. The majority of my underwear is male thongs. A few ladies ones too.

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    Totally not normal...as normal doesn't exist! 😘 We like what we like. If you like wearing thongs embrace it and wear them as often as you like. Shiny ones, frilly ones, lacy ones-whatever you fancy. There is such a range on here to chose from.

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    From myself and wife a simple great big fat no

    sarahkitty [sign in to see picture]
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    Probably much more normal than you would think and I think prefectly acceptable today if a guy wants to wear thongs. My hubby has worn thongs now for about 15 years, since his early 20's. he saw them and decided he wanted to give them a try which I thought was just to spice up in the bedroom but he liked them and start to wear them more often. I like them now as I was not sure at first and have bought him more of the ones he usually wears.

    Peggingand fun [sign in to see picture]
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    Definitely not weird I wouldn't to go around whale tailing it with your shirt off but my wife actually prefers me in a thong

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    Peggingand fun wrote:

    I wouldn't to go around whale tailing it with your shirt off

    Agreed! I have no problem with my hubby wearing thongs as his underwear whenever he likes, I like that I know but nobody else does but I think I would draw the line if they were on display or he wanted to wear them for the beach or something. This is not the case but I have thought about it.

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    I've worn them for year's very comfortable keep all your bits in place, got every type from minute to lace you name it.

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    My boyfriend likes them and I found out has been wearing them since we got together and I hadn't really seen mens thongs really before then. He used to wear shorts as well but it seems to be mostly thongs now. I don't mind, I prefer if he wears the bigger styles for work and in the week and he has a mix of larger and smaller styles.

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    For some reason...mainly something to do with aesthetics I think , never really got into thongs. Gotta be a jockstrap for me :-)


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    They are OK but you must get the right size or your crown jewels will either strangle or flap around

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    Thongs are for everyone of course everyone should be able to wear them, if it makes you feel good about yourself and sexy at the same time that can only make for more enjoyment for you and the oh, I love them there really comfortable as long as you get the correct siz,to small and everything gets a bit squashed not good. Go buy some and enjoy the feeling and the look of your wife's face when she sees you in them

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