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  1. Do you think this is a good idea?

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    If it's not something you've ever talked about, I think she'll be a little bit embarrassed. On the other hand, the message you are sending her is that you know she's an adult and sex is something to be enjoyed and not ashamed of. I think that's a wonderful thing. You know her best. Trust your instincts. x

    Boogaloo [sign in to see picture]
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    I agree with Sexybabe. For me personally, I'd be a little bit freaked out and uncomfortable using toys that were given to me by my mother, but that's just because we've NEVER discussed sex, ever. It's a subject she has never really seemed comfortable talking about, so I feel very awkward if anything sexual comes up and I'm around her. My son is only 1 but I'm determined to have a very open and honest relationship with him to prevent that.

    I think it would be a nicer idea to give her some condoms and a Lovehoney voucher or something, it's less intimidating and allows her to make her own choices 🙂 Plus, you never know, she might already be experimenting with sex toys, or not want to use them at all.

    *sexybabe* [sign in to see picture]
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    That's a good point actually; as Boogaloo says, she may already be using them! Or she may have a sexual preference that she'd rather not talk to you about (like anal), so a voucher means she has free reign to buy what she likes. And if she's not into sex toys, she could treat herself to some lovely Lovehoney lingerie instead ☺️😘

    Irie [sign in to see picture]
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    I think condoms are a great idea! If you have or are trying to develop open dialogue about sex then it's maybe a good opportunity to give them and talk to her at the same time. In terms of toys, while I think it's a great idea, I'd agree with the idea of a voucher. She might already have some, or not share your taste, this way she can get what suits her.

    BoodleSoup [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm 20 and am in my second year of uni if you want a younger perspective!

    I think if you have the kind of relationship with your daughter, that would be a nice thing to do. I don't have that open a relationship with my mum but in many ways I wish I did as there is much to be learned from experienced adults when you're young and the taboo around sex is silly really - we wouldn't be here without it! So I think it's a great idea - and even if she finds it a little weird, I'm sure it won't be a wasted gift! Plus good sex toys can be pricey - I wish my parents would pay for them for me!

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    If either of my parents EVER bought me sex toys then I would likely need counselling.

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    Delilah, you get a big yes from me, I think it's a great idea

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