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    I completely agree with what everyone above has said, about flavoured lubes and diet and such... however, if that doesn't work or you don't have any, I find that doing it after drinking a hot/very warm cup of tea or coffee helps tremendously (not hot enough to burn your tastebuds of course !!). You can also try eating some ice lollies beforehand to numb your tastebuds if it's a really awful taste. (Though it shouldn't be, unless it's spontaneously given after a workout or something. :') ). Good luck. x

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    Shouganai has given some good advice there - my OH loves it when I drink hot tea or suck an ice cube before giving oral sex, the temperature play is part of the fun for him too! 😜

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    I used to be like this but I found after a while it just didn't bother me anymore.
    Now the jaw ache and the swallowing what I can only refer to as "thick pleghm" I can't stand lll but the taste doesn't bother me now.

    Sanny [sign in to see picture]
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    Flavoured lubricant will help you to overlook the taste [removed by mod]

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    Both shower first. Make it part of the foreplay to wash each other. Get a can of squirty cream, cover his cock in it then lick it off. Don't show displeasure. It's off putting.

    Up to you, but does he go down on you? Would he look elsewhere if he doesn't get it at home?

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