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  1. Who introduced toys, you or your partner?

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    Just curious how many people on here got themselves their own toys first and if many people were introduced to them by their partners?

    Have just made my OH aware of them with recent purchase and went ok. Listened and looked at them. Didn't flat out refuse although bad initial reaction to the dildo but calmed down after I explained what people had said on here. Showed her the catalogue. We did have two vibrators many years ago but one was so crappy threw it out and the other just sits in its box in bedroom. Hardly ever have sex in bedroom these days so no chance it'll get used.

    She said it was a boomerrang present ( ie was her for me really was for me ) which is true in some ways but tried pointing out I want to see her come lots and that she could have lots of fun with these and that is exactly why I bought them , for us to have fun

    gave her nice massage with the tracy cox supersex massager ( thanks to those who said in review that great as a normal massager ) and this seemed to press the right button and we had great oral sex. The toys never got used.

    I know her well enough that I can't make her use them and respect her such that I wouldn't force it but how do you make the gentle nudge to give it a go. What I mean is although she isn't refusing to use them I wonder if I say nothing that they will just sit in their boxes and never get used. If I bring it up might be accused of pushing too much.

    Thoughts about this and your experiences would be great thanks.

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