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    What is the most adventurous place you have had sex? and what did you find most exciting about it,
    For me it was a garden on the way home from a night out ( it was my friends garden so wasn't really a risk of been done for flashing lol ) however the thought of been caught was a real turn on for me An my husband x

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    In a tower of an old fort in Spain. It's open to the public and lots of people go there to take pictures (as we did..... but not necessarily of the fort......).

    We had just finished when a couple sightseeing walked in, luckily Mr Belle was turned the other way, but Mrs Belle had to sit down to avoid the cum dripping down her legs and giving the game away.

    Apart from that, we also did so the elevator of the building we were living in at the time, even though we knew there was a security camera. We actually left the elevator and walked the ten paces or so down the corridor to the room still coupled.

    We've done a couple of hotel balconies too, though we were slightly disappointed that there was noone peeking!


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    Like Belles, my OH is turned on by the risk of being seen and as we travel a lot, hotel balconies are definitely a favourite. As soon as we see a balcony that's overlooked, the juices start flowing.


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    This topic has cropped up many times on the forum and ended badly due to some places people wish to disclose.

    So before we have any more posts do remember that it can be an illegal act:

    As a result of the Sexual Offences Act 2003. Section 71 of the act makes it an offence to engage in sexual activity in a public lavatory. In the United Kingdom, public sex comes under laws related to voyeurismexhibitionism or public displays of sexual behaviour, but public sex laws are ambiguous. 

    The law does not criminalise the practice of public sex per se; each case is considered on its merits. If a couple is caught having sex – for example, in public in broad daylight, where they could be stumbled upon relatively easily – then they may be arrested for “outraging public decency”

    Further to this an indicident exposure that is forced upon a non-consenting party will not be tolerated and will be removed.

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