1. Has anyone told you they have masterbated whilst thinking of you?

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    In an old workplace where I used to just do weekends there was a girl who worked across from me, let's call her Emily (not her real name) who was very attractive and always smiling. We got on quite well and there was light banter between us in downtime, but throughout the day we'd often catch each other looking across at the other.

    Anyway, fast forward a couple of years at an Xmas party, during the sit down meal - surrounded by women, mind you (there was only like one other guy and the manager working there who was male) - after a couple of drinks, someone decided to ask the table if anyone had ever had inappropriate thoughts about a fellow colleague, and Emily confessed to having erotically charged dreams about a certain someone and when pressed on the matter, gave an embarrassed nod in my direction. Like out of some film, I was mid-sip from my beer and nearly choked as I coughed and spluttered about.

    The other women were, as you can imagine, quite animated at this and I could feel my ears going red. After the embarrassment faded away and on my way home, however, I remember feeling rather flattered and had a slightly smug smile on my face.

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    Shouganai wrote:

    A few people have told me, and I felt pretty grossed out by it and avoided those people after that (especially in college, it's super intimidating).
    When it comes from my partner though, I'm deeply flattered and a little aroused by it. :) <3

    This is how I feel too. If it's anyone I'm not having sex with I would find it incredibly creepy. I think often the intention is to make me feel uncomfortable, like an unsolicited dick pic. Gross. But if it's someone I have sex with its a fun way of saying you turn me on. So totally depends.
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    Only my boyfriend and it makes me ridiculously horny!

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    Yes , a couple of people have admitted it to me and I must admit I found it quite flattering and a bit of a turn on.

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    I wouldn't have the guts to tell someone that I thought of them while I masturbated. I do think of partners past and present while doing so but then I also think about some of the people I see when out and about.

    sadly, no one has ever said that they thought of me while masturbating though 😢


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    I wouldnt go as far as masturbation as I have never asked, but in a profecssional capacity, I do have a Miss Moneypenny - James Bond relationship with a lady who I see once a month when I hand our invoices in. She calls me things like "Darling" "Love" and generally have a little chat and winks at me when I leave and say goodbye . As for her marrital status she is a divorceee and single and comes accross as happy that way and she is devoted to her grown up kids. But its stictly professional even though there is some flirtation and she has met my Mrs .

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    Several times. Both men and women. I'm a fully hetero male so the men took me by surprise but I still found it flattering. It's odd when it's strangers though.

    It's also strange when you're in a relationship and someone else tells you that. It's a huge ego boost and very much turns me on but also gives me a hint of guilt even though it wasn't my fault and I've done nothing wrong

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