1. Dirty weekend away.

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    We have a dirty weekend away in July will also be night of our wedding too!! We have a hot tub/jacuzzi in the middle of the room. I'm hoping not to leave the room. We rarely get any time together especially not two nights away when we have children, want to make the most of it!

    Any advice / tips?

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    I don't know if you have ever had sex in water before, if you haven't water doesn't make for good lubrication, you will need some thick lube, probably silicone based if you want to get at it in the hot tub. even then the lub can get washed away.

    The best technique, is short deep strokes, to stop the lube dissapearing into the water.

    I bit of light bondage, spanking and blind folding could be fun, using silk bondage ties. this is on offer too with almost £20 off. https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=33712

    I'm sure others will have more ideas, I wish someone would take me away for a weeked like that.


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    Enjoy every single moment , prep well.

    Try going a few days of abstainance, to build up sexual tension. Take some new lingerie.

    I've done a photographer and model roll play. New SDHC card for our camera and camcorder. Staying in roll as long as possible. Trying to be as professional as long too. No touching. The model doing as she's told but eventually posing more erotically and explicit..

    Try out some new toys, take oils to massage each other.

    Most of a!l enjoy yourself's

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    Some great advice here! Hot tub sex would be awesome, and to have one in your room is incredible!! You could also try giving each other an all over body masssage with some sensual oils (you can get some on here).

    You could also take some candles! And these look amazing, I have some in my basket:


    It'll be loads of fun!

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    I am so jealous! It makes you enjoy it so much more when it's a rare occasion and a special occasion at that!
    Massage oils, candles, sexy lingere, wine, strawberries and chocolates to be fed to each other and maybe a couple of new toys you could use together along with a blind fold.

    Enjoy every second 😊

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    Hubbys planning on taking me away in September for our anniversary so I'm taking notes on these tips x

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    Massage oil is an excellent idea. If you don't mind posting on here. Where is this place your staying at with a hot tub in the centre of the room. It sounds divine and sounds a place worth spending the night there.


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    Take your favourite tipple too.

    We had Baileys on everything and I mean everything. Mmmmmmmm

    Also nice big box of chockies .

    Get plenty of sleep the few nights before so you can both stay up .

    Have an orgasm fest see how many you both can have in 24 hours.

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