1. Delaying climax

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    Hi all, I'm after some advise on delaying my orgasm, I'm talking literally a couple of minutes to let my partner catch up.

    we have an awesome sex life but I always cum that little bit too quick and leaves her hanging so to speak, I'm a perfect gent and help her on her way with tongue or toys but am eager to get her there with me inside her,

    will a cock ring do the job???

    have tried having a pre-sex wank but it makes no difference, I fancy her like crazy and her body does me very time

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    Yes! A cock ring should delay ejacultion and keep you rock hard. Saying that, my OH used one with me recently and came relatively quickly but I've heard other people say it helps. Cock rings are cheap and fun so it's well worth a try!

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    Super dragon 6000 is a great delay spray. Helped me last twice if not 3 times as long. Just go careful with how much you use. Not enough and you'll get no benefit and use too much you will struggle to get it up.

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    There are are other things you could try. There have been a number of guys come on here with the opposite problem to what you have; and for the most part it could be put down to heavy handed masturbation making it hard for them to get off through PIV sex, because they become used to the strong sensations a hand can produce.If you were careful not to over do it and end up with that opposite proble it may help your situation.

    Other things you can do are keep changing positions, as the time it takes to change can give you a short break from stimulation, letting you cool off so to speak. Try as many different positions as you can think of, and see if there are any which don't do it for you quite so much. so you can use this position to start with and switch to one which turns you on more to finnish; you may of course like them all as much as each other, but it may be worth a try.

    If you get more stimulation from what you are seeing as many guys do, you could try being blindfolded; but again some people find that more of a turn on.

    Try the old trick of thinking about something other than what you are doing, eventually you can learn to control the intensity of your sexual thoughts during sex, if you keep trying.

    Do you clench your pelvic floor muscules, which increases the strength of your erection an so can make you come faster, if you do you can try not to do this during sex, it may help. You may find that doing several of such things at the same time will give better control than just trying to use one.

    Find out if there are any thrusting techniques that give you less stimulation, such as short and shallow in between slow, longer deeper thrusts, or full withdrawal after each thrust, or full penetration and more grind your hips than in out thrusting, your OH may like this, as if you get it right it can give good clitoral stimulation, and give you minimum stimulation on your shaft.

    You don't say how long you last but, I remember LH Jess commenting a while ago that the average is only 5 or 6 minutes. It can be as much about all the other things that you can do in lovemaking, rather than just concentrating on PIV sex. It's just getting your head round it' as nature tells you that PIV sex is what you should be doing.

    Short term, maybe you could try getting her closer to orgasm, with oral etc, before starting PIV sex. More "her" centered foreplay. Put some oral, etc, inbetween possition changes, to keep her going, and give you time to cool off even more. Sort of foreplay in short spells, between short spells of PIV sex.

    If you are still having trouble, it is worth noting that it likley won't be an instant fix, it will be something you have to learn over time, and with persiverence.

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    Delay sprays are okay, but agree with above comments that too much and you will struggle to maintain an erection. Also some may transfer to your partner and make her more numb inside which also won't help the situation.
    I have greater staying power when I learned the feeling of when I am close and stopping all motion or withdrawing, then when the feeling passes, start back up. I outlast my partner with this method and she sometimes has multiple O's before I have one. Communication is the key with this, if you let her know you are close, she will know if she is close also or if she needs to stop till the feeling passes so you both can come together.

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