1. Sex for a week

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    pusseypleaser wrote:

    We haven't had sex since Saturday so we fail to complete the week of sex. OH had a bad back and lost desire sadly

    Hi Pussey. Well, at least you had fun trying.

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    Ys we will have to try again

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    First time post but just had to respond to this post. My wife and I are in our early 50's and things having become a little predictable and stale I suggested trying a seven day challenge having seen something about it on a tv programme.

    It was amazing, we were thrilled that we were able to complete the challenge and it has not only completely transformed our sex life but brought us together in a way we never expected.

    Communication is the key, think of all the areas you would like to explore and over the 7 days suggest to each other what you would like to try. By the end of the 7 days we were trying and discussing things that had been completely taboo before.

    2 years on from the challenge we are still talking about it and find we are so open with each other.

    Give it a go, you will not regret!

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    also, maybe make a plan for what you will do in one of you is feeling unwell or not in the mood. if your wife does not want penetration maybe she could give you oral or watch you masturbate. maybe you could bring her to orgasm while you give her a massage.

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    My soon to be wife and I make love everyday some times twice. We have also become stronger and better as a couple

    We have tried new positions and brought toys into our love making. We can not get enough. We also talk through what we do or do not like.

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    On day 7 of a two eek challenge and we are growing closer....would not of believed it but it's true.

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    We have two threads on the exact same topic. Here is the other: 


    I will close this one off now to use the above 


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