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    Oh this is my first thread I think and I''m really just looking for a bit of commonsense.

    So you meet someone in a highly charged environment. They woo you - no other word for it - straight up for 2 weeks. And eventually you make a snap decision - totally out of your adult character and meet up with this person who has been seriously full on. I'm not as free willed as I used to be, so this is a big deal for me. I can't stress enough how much this bloke was full on. clearly he just wanted a leg over and he got it. But we also had the most amazing day and night. Wasn't just sex at all. I felt it was a continuation of the last two weeks when we had been chatting for hours and so on. Half way through the night he went weird and since then it's clear he's a bit of a slut and either I didn't choose to see the signs before or was totally suckered. I fell for him though and while he's not ignored me totally since then (a month ago since we met up), I've not seen him since and get the odd text. He lives far away anyway so not bothered about the seeing bit.

    This weekend, another one of his not mates but someone he knows that I met at the same time, starts emailing me - just general chat. Now this one you can tell a mile away is a player and doesn't make no bones about it. I like the honesty. He is helping me with finding somewhere to do something (not sexual). Anyway he SAYS he didn't know about me and the Mr SS (my little nickname for the first one) but I doubt this. This second one is sort of seeing two people I vaguely know. As things via text seem to do, its got a little smutty. And now I'm at a loss of what to do. Do I carry it on?

    The adult in me kind of knows that I'll never get a repeat from Mr SS - as much as I quite like him. And I really don't want the second one as much as I do the first. But I dont want to come across as a tramp either....

    The paranoid part of me wonders if the first one has asked the second one to do this so he doesn't have to deal with me. The adult in me, thinks I should grow up and start playing with men not boys. lol And the other bit in me thinks 'phoarrr, I'm a shallow sucker for a hot body'

    I'm not really sure what advice I'm looking for here. Maybe some justification in my actions. Maybe a bit of justification to have a bit of fun. Maybe a few home truths to grow up! lol whatever you like.

    Bearing in mind, I also have the ex who thinks once a month sessions are doing me a favour! And an old friend from school who promises to shag me senseless if and when I need it! lol And then I get these moments when I think oh hell I'm clearly just a body, use it while I've got it! lol Giving up on love, maybe concentrate on lust for a bit?

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