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  1. Prostate milking .. cracked it finally

    Fredster [sign in to see picture]
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    My last BIg purchase was a while ago now as I dumped the OH last year and havnt replaced her yet lol

    i have slight prosttae enlargement due to age so I jumped in and bought the nexus revo massager .. it's such an intense feeling it gives great results but didn't always produce the MILK which is really what I wanted it to achieve .. prostate milking without the obligatory sperm mixed in there .. but recently I have found the right way to do it..for me.. now every time I just get the desired MILK and the great feeling of having a prostate orgasm into the bargain 😁

    Ive found that if I stand up while using the revo on the fastest vibrations .. squeeze the pelvic floor around the unit as best you can while trying to relax and get into the flow of it..pushing th eunit forward onto the prostate with one hand and a little hand relief .with the other and does the trick .. be careful though as I have lost use of my legs twice whilst doing this lol ..

    just thought I'd share the info as I havnt posted in a while

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    My wife has only just got OK (taken 20 years) with putting her whole hand/fist inside me she can press on my G spot really well, though it can be a bit too intense especially after I've climaxed.

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    oh yes, losing the use of my legs is something I experience too when seriously working my prostate. I also love the extra stimulation after I have climaxed. Its something I think all men should experience at least once!


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    Welcome to the p club

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    Absolutely love my nexus revo. I think I'll have to try this...

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