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  1. art of seduction...

    fabguy426 [sign in to see picture]
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    What is it that gets your mind wandering, gets wanting some action? Gets you horny and craving some fun

    Something your partner does throughout the day, something they do on an evening when you get back home? Something you hear or see during the day that gets you thinking. A particular sight? An activity you do?

    mysteron [sign in to see picture]
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    Well seduction in my book is about getting you partner in the mood and then taking charge,

    For me it often starts with kissing her around the neck area particularly around the back of the neck. She then melts like candle wax and then I slowly undress her and kiss any exposed flesh as I do so.Every person is different.

    BrightBlodyn [sign in to see picture]
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    Being a girl - one thing that really gets me going is when he kisses my neck. Not just a peck, but kissing passionately and holding my head in place... Also if we're having a shower together he would come up from behind and kiss my back whilst running his hands over me. But that's just me personally!


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    Seduction needs to be tailored to the individual who it is intended for. It is a true art and all women have the ability to be seductress.

    For me i love to sees women do very subtle things, prolonged eye contact then her breaking it first so she looks a little embarrassed at being admired.then looming back and maintaining prelonnged eye contact.

    The flick of the hair to expose the neck and ears .

    Slight pouting of lips.

    Crossing and uncrossing of legs that are facing you.

    Clothes can do a lot for a woman. Understanding that being fully covered up but figure hugging is wonderful.

    I'm not big on lots of make up. I like to be subtle showing of the features of a women's face. To much and its like a mask to me , almost hiding . love seeing a woman smile . the curves and expression's a woman makes with her mouth can be very sensual.

    The walk, the roll of the hips especially when you know its aim at you.

    Subtlety is what I love then the gradual build up of it being more and more obvious . bending over , wiggle of the famine shape of a ass.


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    The written word can be very erotic sexting I find highly arousing. Especially once your fully engaged in what is now really fore play . for most guys this means explicit and graphic description s of how your woman is feeling mentally and physically.

    For me I love being teased and edged. A great seductress knows how to use all the focus of her desires senses . sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

    It can be amazing to be sexualy aroused slowly by a woman .

    I'm not a huge lover of perfume I like the natural scent of a women particularly when she has aroused herself due to your desire of her.

    Nothing more sensually eroticthan a nice slow strip tease then a show off masterbating with fingers and toys.

    A confident woman is so sexy but subtly done not to in your face so to speak lol.

    The Real Mr Grey [sign in to see picture]
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    Various things can set one off thinking of whats to happen (hopefully) later.

    Sometimes one can be just in the mood. Other times it may be something thats said or whispered. Then again it could be clothing thats worn (or not worn) or it could just be finding one of your LH toys in the box and thinking "mmmm what can i do with this". It may be a song or a scene in a movie.

    It could be almost anything because we are all different but whatever gets you in the mood, good luck.

    Oh, and as a side question (hope you dont mind fabguy426). What turns you off when you are in the mood?

    Browncoats [sign in to see picture]
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    Many things ;)

    My hubby (captain tightpants) just has to kiss me softly getting harder and more passionate as time goes on his hand on my cheek as he does it.

    We are also very into teasing each other via text throughout the day or if one of us is free and the other isn't we send an email describing a fantasy situation. Or a load of messages via messenger so when busy partner looks at their phone there is about 10 messages waiting full of filth.

    Then there is bedtime when he gets into bed naked and we snuggle up. One of us usually gets horny and starts to slowly seduce the other.

    As for turn offs I can't think of anything with my hubby but before him it would be loud cocky men or women who think you're lucky to have their attention

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