1. Male down below shaving

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    I use hair removal cream. The brand I buy off amazon is called Nads, it's aimed at men and works really well. It does say not to use it on your genitals but I've never had any issues. Just don't leave it on too long and do a test first.

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    On a related note,you can have hours of fun reading the Amazon reviews for `Veet Hair Removal Cream For Men`...comedy gold!

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    A good trimmer will take it down to almost nothing without cutting you or rubbing it raw. Personally I just use a trimmer then skim over it with a razor afterwards. Or if I'm really lazy, veet. They say don't use it down there, but it works...

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    Right I shave every other day to remove stubble......

    But if by chance I let go and my hair gets long I use the Philips One Shave as it's superb on me and the wife and removing without any pain the long stuff. Then just remove the stubble left with my Wilkinson Hydro.

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    Terri JJ wrote:

    Baby oil rubbed in immediately after shaving works well. It seems to prevent itchiness and shaving rash xx

    You're correct. If my OH rubbed baby oil into my old chap after shaving it would lead to an uncomfortable stiffness which would need immediate relief rather than any itchiness.

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    Been shaving mine for years! Makes my balls look bigger and my Winky Woo! In a hot bath with sensitive shaving foam and clean razor! No problems with itching or rash afterwards! If you are sensitive try coconut oil or my favourite mango butter! Anti ageing penis ! Having a Shaven Haven is more sensual during oral sex and aldo when using cock rings! It adds to the experience! Find a slow wet shave makes them silky and ripe for plucking 😉

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    I do a full wet shave in the shower using my normal razor and shaving gel. Takes a while to get it all (Blonde so not the easiest to see).

    Tried my Philishave... damn that cut so bad.

    Well worth the wet shave effort and OH much prefers it.

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    Could not agree more! Wet shave all the way! Sensual too Trust Your Partner to do it (the next step)! 😂

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    when i am being lazy I just trim and then wet shave the base of my penis. I have previously fully shaved cock balls and ass, wet shaving is the way Id normally go but whatever works :) I hardly ever shave fully recently but i cant have an untrimmed pubic area either and a scissor trim can be prefectly good enough if im being really lazy.

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