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  1. Does your partner make you feel wanted?

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    My first thread , please be gentle with me.

    Im wondering if every ones partner makes them feel wanted?

    My partner never really makes me feel wanted in any way at all , forgot my birthday (a week after our daughters so not like a day he couldnt remember) , doesnt touh me with a bardge poll let alone any thing else and if does happen its once in a blue moon , hes never been romantic , we have a little girl but never has be asked if i wanted to go out and get a baby sitter , never had a nice comment from him ( like 'you look nice' ) even when wearing new clothes or just randomly.

    It does become an issue and as much as iv told him that a little bit of attention wouldnt kill him it just goes in one ear and out the other!

    Quite upsetting really because when we first got together he was really nice , making love was offen ( i know its not the be all and end all but you know what i mean) 2 years down the line and i feel so unwanted some times its unreal.

    Its one of the reasons me and my daughter moved out (along with a few other issues) , why stay some where where you dont feel wanted/loved?

    Sorry this is probably the wrong place to post but i dont know where to put it. feel free to delete if needs be.


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