1. Gender role when fantasising during masturbation

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    Hi. I'm a straight male in a long term relationship. Never really had any issues about my orientation.

    Interestingly however, often when I masturbate, I fantasise that I am the female being penetrated and dominated. Just wondering if anyone else out there (male or female) puts theselves in the opposite gender role when fantasising?

    delilahxx [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi there, yes I do this sometimes. Often switching between me being myself, or the guy I'm with. It's a big turn on :)

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    Yes! I'm a woman and I've always done this. I've wondered if it's because it means that you're focussing on doing the things that you know feel good on you, kind of like how it's nice to watch a video of something that you know would work for you. While l have zero experience with women I do consider myself bisexual, although I think this is separate from that.

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    I've dreamt I'm a bloke having sex a few times. Not really sure what that says about me but they're bloody good dreams!!

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