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  1. It's always the quiet ones...

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    I have always been a bit quiet too. I have a job that involves being very confident assertive but it takes a long time to get to know me.
    No one I know (other than my OH) knows the truth!

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    Bexy wrote:

    At work, I get told that I'm very quiet and demure and people probably see me as being quite dull as I don't talk about my personal life very often whereas others are always talking about what they did at the weekend and who they've been dating. I guarantee that 99.9% of my colleagues would have a heart attack if they found out the truth about me. None of them have a clue that I'm bisexual, nor that I've attended sex parties and engaged in group sex. My toy collection would be a complete surprise. I also doubt any of them would think I'd wear a bikini on holiday, let alone go topless regularly and specifically been to nude beaches. One colleague did find out I was wearing stockings one day when she spotted the outline of my suspender belt (didn't wear that skirt again without a slip) but fortunately she isn't the gossipy type so I don't think anyone else found out.

    young sexy gal enjoying herself.why not :-)

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    i've always been very quiet since being a child i always struggled making and keeping friends to be honest i don't have any friends of my own now being 26 but im also very kinky the only real friend i have is my hubby he's my soul mate and best friend and really knows the real me that no one else knows

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    When I first started my new job every thought I was naive and shy!! They literally didn't even think I knew what a solid was 😂😂. They soon learnt it was because I was new haha.

    And actually they don't have a clue about the real me really!! They have no idea I'm a submissive beat they all assume I'm dominant because I have to be assertive at work!!

    I was shy when I was younger when I first met my hubby I was very vanilla really. The only toys I had were vibrators. I'm very kinky and very different now... To think I never did anal!!! Now I have more anal toys that vaginal!!

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    I've always been mild mannered and a bit quiet in social situations, but underneath I'm a very kinky crossdressing male and love to get thrashed really hard with the cane. If only people really knwew!

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