1. Female urethral sounding

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    As a male hetro singleton I get all of my sexual pleasure from cock sounding - it is both physically and visually stimulating as would imagine a female could receive enjoyment too.

    Obviously you need to pay attention to clean hands, tools etc etc and listen to your body as you indulge - it took me quite a while to go from an un penetrated urethra to one that can accept a 12 mm dia steel sound and it was well worth it.

    Undertaken carefully I can't see what you have to lose by at least trying it and you have so much to gain !!


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    Lovehoney - Paige wrote:

    Gentle giant wrote:

    TwigletsGirl wrote:

    Anyone have any experience - personal or with a partner - of urethral sounding with a woman?

    I'd really like to try it out, but given the lengths of the urethral sounds along with how short and delicate female urethras can be...I'm a little concerned about the risk of accidental injury, I imagine the wrong move and those could do some serious damage.

    Yes I have done if with previous partners.

    As suggested hygiene is very important put the sounding rod in boiling water for a minute and allow it to cool. Don't as some on other sites recommend using stariwipes as they contain alcohol and it will sting.

    The rods are the same for both sex's but are long enough for men to reach the prostate.

    The idea with a woman is to stimulate the g spot internally.. So its a good idea to work out roughly how much rod needs inserting.

    Another good idea is to use a speculum like a Collins so you can visually see the rods passage through the vaginal roof or meateus.

    It is a very unusual sensation for both sex's and does take a few times to get used to so a little perseverance is required.

    For most women the very idea of having something inserted into the urethra is way to sensitive, but if you take a look at the internal physical geography of a woman's sexual anatomy it stands to reason some would find it arousing. It plays into a few fetishes and kinks. Its very submissive to allow it to be done to yourself. Also if done s part of a medical fetish its a huge turn on to be restrained exposed in such very vulnerable way.

    Its possible to give some women a sensory overload. With an inserted speculum , vibe butt plug , clit bullet vibe used on both the clit and to touch the sounding rod. Once you've located the g spot just vibe the rod. I found that this sort of stimulation can enduce female ejacultion.

    As a partner the view is both highly arousing and erotic. The issue as a man is to not get to excited and get to rough . it needs to be done slowly with good communication.

    To see the extreme pleasure its possible to give a woman with just small pin point stimulation Is exquisite.

    This was very interesting to read, thanks Gentle Giant

    Thanks Paige, its always nice to have you and Leanne comment on our posts but even better when it feels informative and help full to others and yourselves. Its exactly how I feel Lovehoney forums work so well

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    Bespin wrote:

    I had absolutely no idea what this was and had to google it! Having done so, think we'll probably be passing on that but absolutely each to their own

    +1 I too had no clue what this was, but after reading others posts was quickly informed!

    I have no judgement at all, but for me personally this sounds terrifying! So in two words... No thanks.

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    Hi,I've just come across this thread and would be interested to hear from anyone who has bought the Tickle Me Bits urethral his and her sounding kit before it was discontinued.I was lucky enough to buy one in time but haven't tried it yet.I had to learn to self catheterize as part of treatment needed after a fall resulting in bladder issues.I didn't find it difficult or uncomfortable so thought I might try sounding.The urethral sound in this set is beautifully coated in black silicone so looks more gentle than metal would be.I would love to know what to expect of the sensations once vibrations are used and also whether any other sizes of sounds are available in addition to the two supplied.

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