1. Advice for people who struggle to sleep or have insomia. I've found something that helps. Sex relate

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    Hey all you sexy people

    I haven't been on for awhile :(

    First off I'm going to say this maybe abit tmi for some so please beware and do not read anymore if you don't like abit of tmi.

    So I'll start off with I have bad insomia it drives me crazy. Well I found a sort of cure for it :p randomly happened when I was feeling fruity and the other half was so tired from work. He works 14 hours nearly every day so I thought right I'll sort my self out. When I use one of my friends as I call them (vibrator) I have an amazing orgasm with my partner I still have amazing orgasams but I seem to be a squirter while have sex with my other half. Well anyone I was just playing as you do had an amazing orgasm where my body was sweating,I was panting and my whole body was so tingly and numb where I just closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. With me after sex I'm wide awake but this time I fell asleep.

    YES having a big orgasm makes me fall asleep and helps my insomia :) will be a funny one to tell the doctor haha

    Do ladies and gents if you have insomia get them toys out and have a good play and let me know if it helps you. It sure helps with me I'm finding that every night I'm having a good play and falling asleep x

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    Sorry for the typos bloody phone

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    I have heard of this. It's all quite hormonal. After sex women tend to want to spoon and cuddle due to the rush of "love" we feel so we stay awake longer. Men tend to doze off quickly as they need to build up their levels again.

    By doing it yourself you are cutting out the feeling of love therefore want to sleep to build your energy back up.

    It's not something I wouldn't do, not just because I don't masturbate but in case it becomes a crutch. Saying that, if it works for you keep at it if you need to.

    I have insomnia but have managed reasonably well recently. It's now between 2 and 4am I fall asleep roughly and up for 7am.

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    If I'm ever having trouble sleeping really bad can't fall asleep especially if i wake in the night and i can muster the mood i'll whip a toy out get an 'O' out and end up falling asleep really quickly so a bit of play time if it's really needed does work for me

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    I do this some nights, it does help :)


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    An orgasm a day keeps the insomnia away then 😄 I'll maybe give it a try at some point but I'm not overly confident as I'm of of the unlucky folk that doesn't pass out after orgasms😕 it's probably my own fault though because after "coming back to earth" I'll get up and start doing stuff. Perhaps it's time to re-asses my routine post orgasm 😄xx

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    This doesn't usually work for me. Glad to hear it's helping some people.

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    I agree - an orgasm before bed usually works for me. However, when I have sex before bed I tend to stay awake.

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    I find an orgasm is a great stress reliever so I will try to remember to reach for a vibrator instead of tablets next time I can't sleep.

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    Give it a try. I never used to fall sleepy before and all the time sex with my partner I'm just wide awake and decide to start playing fighting lol..I hate taking my tablets as the next day I feel all drugged up and not with it x

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