1. When OH tells you her thoughts during toy play - Hit or a miss?

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    I got my wife a 9" realistic dildo just to spice things up! After me using it on her a few times now (can I point out my wife and I love btw) we got onto the conversation about what comes into her head (her fantasies etc) during it. Although hot, she excitedly explained that the dildo I've just used on her, is in her imagination (fantasy) attached to a person (due to how real it is. Said it's no one specific, she's just created a person to go with the dick!). And just like that... we've just had a threesome!?!?

    Adding to her massive turn on, she's Invisaged a threesome scenario. Shes very creative, but at the same time I'm thinking should I feel threatened.... Silly thought, as I've never had anything to worry about. She makes it very clear I am all she needs/wants. And although during toy play I have to admit that it's crossed my mind also that the intrigue of this not being just a toy, but that I could be actually watching my wife being pleasured by another man!

    It's a huge turn on for me and the fact that she has the same thoughts are awesome!

    I personally have to say that (after thinking logically and concluding how well we gel) its a massive HIT for us. What are your guys thoughts re this situation, love to hear?

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    I think it is natural to feel a little threatened however I don't think you need to.
    You're in quiet a lucky situation where you wife is opening up to you about what turns her on. if these things interest you too then keep talking to her about it, settle any doubts in each other's minds and go for it.

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    Should you feel threatened? Nah.

    I've experienced this with my OH. We bought an inflatable seat with a vibrating dildo. She said she loved it because it was like having two guys at once. At the end of the day, we all fantasise and there's no harm in it. Even if it had been a specific person, I wouldn't worry.

    As far as the posibility of watching your wife with another man... There's only one way to find out However, that can potentially come with all kinds of complications and is certainly not a subject to be considered lightly. My OH says I'm all she wants, but I know full well if she had the opportunity for a real MMF that she'd take it! (Which is fine with me BTW as we are swingers!)

    If you're thinking of taking it up a notch, I'd recommend this: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=34871 You can stick it onto a suitable surface (we us an empty wall and she stands up juts fyi). It's big enough to satisfy, but not so heavy that it will fall off. A wood/laminate or tiled floor are another two possibilities. That way she gets to use it hands free while you're with her.

    As far as the threesome goes... Sorry, but not yet! You'd need a real person for that!

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    Thanks for your thoughts, appreciated! Want to quickly add that I don't feel threatened and actually feel the opposite.

    When I asked my OH what went through her mind during toy play, she told me her thoughts and fantasies throughout, Which were very similar to mine, I was cheering and well chuffed! Being able to comfortably chat through anything and everything is our strong point and a huge factor in us having such a solid relationship.

    I was just curious as to what other couples (male/female) that have encountered our scenario or similar to ours felt and thought (honestly) and if after discussing/putting it out there, was it beneficial for you guys? Was it a hit or a miss? Did it help or hinder to be open and honest, did it strengthen or weaken your relationship?

    Putting my actual thoughts (and getting what I want to come across isn't easy for me I'm afraid) and asking others opinions on a point is not my strong point. Apologies for any confusion, just my wording I'm afraid!

    So if this makes more sense re what I'd like an opinion on, your posts/opinions/experiences would be embraced!

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    I love dildo all kinds. My husband knows my need well and we give each a name. But do you know none of these are capable of ejaculation except my husband. I may fantasized, be it making love to another man or men, and being raped by many but none of these can replace my husband's dick. Speaking as a woman you may say that I'm emotional but I called it LOVE. My love for my husband, for better and for worst, in sickness and in health, I love my husband regardless of how many dildos are inside there. So husbands, nothing can replace you. Be assured!

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    I think it's great that you can be open about your fantasies together. I can only see that strengthening a relationship.

    I haven't had a situation quite like yours, but I have had fantasies about many other things that I'd like to do with my partner and after talking about them with him, we have gone on to try a good percentage of the things I was keen to explore. Some things we want to keep as a fantasy, but it can be great fun to talk about our ideas with each other.

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    We have a similar vibe of similar size. Whilst Mrs SBH or I have never admitted the fantasy, when she uses it she watches me with a realistic vagina.

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