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  1. need help

    FireryNinja [sign in to see picture]
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    Any amazing tips for going down on a girl,i anit bad but i could be alot better. Cheers

    mamz [sign in to see picture]
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    I remember sharing some tips based on my own experience there:

    Everybody is different, and different things may work/not work on different persons. If you're in a relationship, you can simply ask your partner what she likes and doesn't like, and how she'd liker you to do it, it's the best advice you'll ever get for giving oral to that person :)

    Devoted Husband [sign in to see picture]
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    I have learnt to listen to her moans, when I'm doing something she likes she will moan in pleasure, the key is to keep it going and not change to soon from it. Go slow, gentle and relax as it's not a race or a chore but a pleasure.

    Several moves my sexy OH likes.
    2-3 Long slow licks from her entrance to her clit.
    Gently playing with her outer labia lips, but certainly not sucking on them as this creates pain.
    tip of my tongue circling her clit.
    Gently sucking on the skin either side of her clit, (not the hood).
    All this before entering her, I move my tongue closer to her entrance, when she starts to thrust it towards me, I know she is ready for me to take it up a level.
    I like to start with 2 moist fingers on first entry and slowly go in nice an deep. I then slowly remove my fingers and play some more with my tongue then insert 2 fingers again. She usually tries to stop me removing them again.
    When I am ready I usually use 1 finger on her gspot in a come hither motion, and love the feel of her filling up on this spot. If she wants more fingers she will try to push my hand in. Then my tongue is usually directed to stay on her clit as I lick it gently. When she is ready for me to be rougher she will hold my head tight against her and so I then change from gentle licking with the tip to using the flat of my tongue and sucking at the same time on her clit. This usually brings her over the edge in no time and I don't stop until she can't handle the tickle feeling of my tongue on her clit.
    You have to enjoy what your doing so that she enjoys it too.

    FireryNinja [sign in to see picture]
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    cheers mamz yeh my OH tells me what she likes but im away alot,so i want to surprise her with something special and cheers devoted!

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